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Domestic outfit natural stone is no longer a luxury

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
Home outfit natural stone is no longer a luxury of the natural beauty of natural stone praise a lot, but when a woman from the Middle East station in a look at the center of the kitchen of the new black marble mesa plate, admire the United States of nature of stone material, these words appear less persuasive. 'Natural stone material is like the family jewels,' said the woman. Indeed, the selection of granite, marble, hole in the stone, and other natural stone products like go to a jewelry store boutique of selection of jewelry. The natural beauty and quality of jewelry can only be identified under a powerful microscope. However, for the natural stone material, we can see to the naked eye. If you want to make the interior more distinctive, in the selection table panel, wash basin, shower bath gear, and indoor and other stone floor ZhuangXiuWu, natural stone is a good choice. When selecting homeowners USES natural stone material, he or she was sure that his or her home use stone is unique in the world, and is unable to completely copy. In addition to its natural beauty and unique, natural stone also has many features, such as durability, versatility, easy to clean. When selling houses, selection of natural stone material to increase the value of the house itself. In fact, according to the survey, the transfer of second-hand housing owners spend makeovers, use of natural stone material cost accounts for between 80% and 86% of the total modification cost. Obviously, natural stone never go out of style, at present, natural stone is one of the world people are decorating the kitchen and bathroom preferred material, and double-digit annual growth. The more you know about the quality of the natural stone material, the more benefit to decorate new kitchen and bathroom or kitchen bathroom renovation material to make a wise choice. In addition to natural stone material, for consumers to choose a wider range of materials: plastic laminated sheet, stainless steel, concrete and quartz, etc. Quartz material can be applied to more than 30 different brands, and these brands are usually made of mixed Hu Song grease, color pigment and other materials such as shell products, pieces of the mirror, such as semi-precious stone made of quartz particles. Aiming at the application of some of the kitchen and bathroom, other than natural wall mounted bar countertop material is likely to be more popular with homeowners, it depends on the owner's budget, vision, purpose to consider and achieve the appearance of the desired visual effect. But these materials are not natural or real enough to make people complain. 'You cannot find in other parts of the world and the same panel. 'As those who sell a variety of architectural decoration materials. , that is, when the natural stone material and the competitive of natural stone products at the same time show in front of customers, and most customers will choose items from nature. Natural stone is no longer for the fact is this: the natural characteristics of natural stone material can be through the family construction and reforming the remodeling of large buildings. In most cases, and that is suitable for the panel, wash basin, shower bath, floor tile, etc, compared to the stone material of high quality natural stone material price is much cheaper. Reason: the supply and demand and the demand increasing, the advance of technology. As from the United States, Italy and other traditional solid surface, solid surface sheets for sale and other natural stone material supplier increases, the amount of stone products for consumption in the world more than enough to let the world to enjoy slowly. Can say natural stone products is abundant, with a lot of. In the past, stone industry is aware of wall mounted bar countertop of potential resources, but the stone from the mine mined cost prohibitive. As well as in other industries, the manufacturer and supplier of natural stone material for technical improvements, thus the stone from the mine mined, cut the stone block into the SLATE, and carry on the processing polishing the final assembly and installation for families. This is the kitchen and bathroom professionals recommend the use of natural stone. Natural stone is unique? In a word, time long, last long. The earth mother to create natural stone time elapsed, if not hundreds of millions of years, at least for millions of years. Influence factors of the end stone shape and color of natural stone material has a lot of. These factors include, underground water, mineral accumulation, the changes of the soil, temperature, and the dissolution of natural change over time, the other aspects of the pressure, etc. Obviously, in the laboratory or manufacturing environment, these factors cannot be replicated. As a result of the rock formation conditions are different, so from mining waste materials have also been mixed. On the characteristics of the stone and the process of natural beauty show, artificial involved in relatively few. Even when the stone was moved from mines elsewhere, need human only cutting and polishing process. This is also lead to natural stone material variety of style, color of the colorful. Indeed, the design of the stone material of some common types look the same, in fact, no two are the same.
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