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don\'t take selfies and never wheel your own luggage into the lobby on the way out: how to behave in five-star hotels

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-13
A star hotel is definitely worth a visit.
But to be honest, they can be a bit odd, there are customary and expected rules of conduct that are sometimes a mystery even for experienced people --
Travelers with high heels
According to the Daily Mail, etiquette expert William Hansen, thankfully, is here to solve these mysteries.
Here he offers a handy guide to avoid social hiccups in luxury hotels, from affordable selfies to keeping your luggage away from the lobby.
Upon arrival, when you find chandeliers, marble tables, floors and gorgeous-dressed staff, don\'t let your students expand and your mouth drop to five-star awe.
For waiting staff and on-
If you really belong there, expect the guest to solve the problem immediately.
The attitude you have to take is that the chandelier in your own home is bigger and, frankly, the marble looks a bit dim.
The hotel should be a duplicate of your house.
More and more top hotels don\'t even have a classic reception.
Some have now moved the reception to a separate private room outside the central entrance, others have immediately escorted you to your room or suite and checked
In the process of building a car behind closed doors, such as the peninsula in Beijing and Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo.
Don\'t be surprised if you can\'t see the reception.
The staff is not your friend and any staff at a quality hotel will be told not to cross the line.
The staff are friendly but they are not your friends.
Guests need to keep this in mind and not be too familiar or close to the staff.
This is a different mindset to your relationship with Costa Proka bronze holiday reps. Five-
Star hotels can always attract the attention of guests.
You never know who will stay, so if you find someone you know, don\'t be near the reception and ask them to verify that you are correct.
Even if you do, a good hotel will always respect the privacy of other guests and will not respond positively or negatively.
Again, don\'t try to date celebrities.
Ignore them.
For guests of luxury hotels, a source of continuous entertainment and confusion is an attempt to determine the room category at the time of booking.
In most cases, despite the bill, the \"superior room\" is actually better than nothing.
This is the lowest room category.
The \"Deluxe Room\" is almost the same, but the sofa or arm is added --chair.
The executive room is a room with a table.
Bedroom for five people unless it\'s a suite
The star hotel is good enough so don\'t worry which hotel to book.
You can still get your umbrella in the closet and turn around at night-
Glossy advertising and service
A magazine that no one has read.
Tip or not?
There is a view that the hotel staff in the real top drawer will be paid enough, so the tip is not as important as it is in the lower drawer
Budget hotels, but the idea usually comes from the world-famous British
A bad informant.
Even if you don\'t tip the doorman and the wait person, it\'s always a smart idea to leave $2 left in the envelope in your room every night with the address \"housekeeper.
Bl is not a wise move.
If you can upgrade for free, don\'t ask at the reception.
Sure, you can tell them it\'s your honeymoon or 50 th anniversary of your wedding, but don\'t expect that to get you anything.
In addition to the actual payment, the best way to upgrade the room category is to hope that there are some errors in your booking and if so, dilute it.
For example, when I last traveled on my own in the Middle East, I was asked if I would be happy with the standard double room (
This is not what I Booked).
I said I prefer a bed because it\'s always a bit disturbing to have an empty bed next to you.
The staff knocked on the computer at the reception desk and told me that I had upgraded to the presidential suite. (
It\'s the other end of the disturbing scale because it\'s too big and I\'m the only one in it, very empty: far from relaxing. )
One of the always forgotten aspects of the Quality Hotel is the concierge service.
For example, if there is a restaurant in town that is difficult to access, please try to find a table for you by the concierge.
They usually have a good relationship with the restaurant and the venue will want guests from hotels like you to dine there as they know you have a good budget.
The concierge is more than just a pile of luggage change gear.
Don\'t push your luggage into the lobby by yourself when checking out.
Some hotels, such as the Savoy Hotel, are even forbidden to see suitcases in the sacred Hall --
No matter how expensive
After about 15 minutes you need to leave the hotel and call the porter to have someone come and collect your stuff.
You can also use this service
You paid for it.
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