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Draw a silent poem marble stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-01
stone, refers to the use on the natural solid surface sheets for sale create a certain space is visible and touchable art image, so as to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feeling and aesthetic feeling, aesthetic ideal of solid surface sheets for sale stone carving art, refers to the use on the natural marble create a certain space is visible and touchable art image, so as to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feeling and the art of aesthetic emotion and aesthetic ideal. Quality is hard and resistance to weathering, marble is the main material of large monumental sculpture. The compact structure of carved in marble requirements, no cracks, no inclusions, conform to the requirements of the modelling of color decorative pattern. China's earliest stone lion rock loulan shishi - — New, majestically, strong ambition and drive down the town, qi on generative. Fully embodies the Chinese nation the majesty of self-esteem and grand atmosphere. Which is the symbol of a kind of riches and honour auspicious and inviolable. Is each startup and enterprising spirit of enterprise is the preferred home treasure. The palace of the dragon carved stone, it is to use a block YiYeQing carved stone, the vulture has nine dragons, tumbling seawater jiang teeth; At the same time, with the five peaks, 'nine' and 'five' together, the moral statue of the 'five-year'. Located in the flat world Shi Lifang natural marble life experience of industrial park of marble stone carving kylin, created by the skillful craftsman hard, not only the pattern is vivid, also make the whole design space stereo sense is stronger. It is considered a lucky, there is a great fortune, can be on behalf of the owner to delay shipment kegare, increase wealth! Stone reliefs not only can be used in a large hall or lounge in a restaurant, also can be used in wall, column board and so on, it can make the whole space have artistic aesthetic feeling, can also make metope to avoid monotonous. , professional marble mining, processing and deep processing, mining is 2 million m after a year, annual output of about 500000 pieces of marble handicrafts, has a professional production team, is the largest natural solid surface sheets for sale processing factories, the our city has become the industry benchmarking enterprises.
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