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Dry hanging marble construction technology

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-03
Dry hanging marble construction technology there is a whole process flow, main is given priority to with white ash grain white marble stone, stone stool hardness, stone material after polishing, the surface like mirror, high gloss to more than 96%, is one of the stone material of the highest gloss in many natural marble, white marble hardness is moderate, is suitable for indoor decoration, indoor dry hanging stone engineering specifications board, the most important is the price of the very people, belong to low stone. First clean dry hanging structure on the surface of the solid surface sheets for sale. Then the location of the skeleton line to the main structure. General to pop up the position of the vertical bar, make sure the vertical bar anchorage point, to the vertical bar set, again play the position of the horizontal bar on a vertical bar. Drilling slot, there is a fixed anchorage. In the slab at both ends of the slot hole first. Insert the stainless steel tube expanding bolt end fixed in the hole, hang up the other end of the anchorage. According to the fixed on the wall stainless steel anchorage position, install the underlying marble slabs. Adjust the solid surface sheets for sale slabs of flat, vertical degree and aperture. With anchor stone fixed firmly, and embedded with solid glue will anchor pieces in. Down andante first embedded bolt hole injection of solid glue, residual adhesive solution, wipe on the line of solid surface sheets for sale slabs according to the installation method of the bottom plate in place. Dali is hang after the construction, a crack in the clean and remove dust on the surface. Seam by 10 - paste 15 mm wide plastic tape to prevent pollution board face sealing glue. 1, installed in background, basic level processing first metope, metope must be cleared at the grass-roots level, can not have dust, leveling and besmear good moistureproof layer. 2, keel fixed installation, for the heavy marble slabs, use steel keel can reduce the effects of slab to metope, and improve the shock resistance of the whole. According to the plan design, drilling into fixed on the wall, wall fixed keel welding parts, brace welding keel again, want to note the keel installation is firm, with metope is flat and level. 3, Dali installation, stone material to pull the whole installation of horizontal and vertical line, SLATE must be installed in support.
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