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Due to the stone material itself or processing caused or influenced by the outside world and in the process of stains, rust stain, color change, peeling and other abuses

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

1, glue type of pollution treatment: usually some kind of glue pollution, if it is a water-based glue, clean with conventional washing liquid can be. If it is some of the epoxy resin adhesive, solid surface sheets for sale glue, AB glue, instant glue and other pollution because of surface hardening, you can use a sharp blade shave their, can use wax removal agent to remove residual part.

2, oil pollution of cosmetic treatment: at present due to the popularity of cosmetic, also appeared a lot of cosmetics pollution situation, especially oily masked category, this kind of pollutant composition is commonly and wax oil, dye, if the contamination to the stone material is also very difficult to clean up. If you home decorative wall mounted bar countertop surface appeared a lipstick, nail polish pollutants such as, you can hang with a sharp blade to first contaminants on the surface of the stone, then using acetone class detergent to wipe clean wall mounted bar countertop table.

3, ink pollution treatment: now the ink, ball-point pen, pen, pen and other packaging handwriting pollution is also very common. Ink type of pollution treatment is actually quite a trouble, they are easy to permeate to the wall mounted bar countertop inside, and penetrate into the longer the more difficult it is to clean up. So but of stone material surface by ink pollution, should be immediately wiped it, and immediately set about to clean up. This suggestion is to use color agent to clean up.
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