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Fabulous Shi Lifang marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
Bai Tianran marble processing, service and marketing in the integration of industrial chain group co. , LTD. , 13 years focused on stone decoration design, Shi Lifang marble varieties is given priority to with white, decorative pattern color have Hepburn white, earl grey, danxia ruby. Shi Lifang people use their hands and wisdom to stone jazzing-up the beauty of nature. Hepburn in white light white is given priority to, combined with strewn at random have the gray texture, color is light, quiet but person, the feeling of salt is not intentional, moving in no mood to inductive, has the feeling of home jasper in quiet. Setting wall is made of simple sense is advanced, give a person with a gentle fashion elegant temperament, appear very luxuriant dignified, and sound-absorbing, sound insulation function. Earl grey is not pure grey, simple and not simple, grey with slender grain is exquisite, unique in the simple, the atmosphere, like the generosity of nature, will be the most beautiful is to stay, big Jane is beautiful! Earl grey and brown marble spelling a flower out of the production process of water knives bird figure, advocate tone magnificent atmosphere, traditional painting style in visual color and texture fuses in together, build give a kind of elegant and comfortable atmosphere, let a person look at it deeply, to savor this in a static dynamic, moving in static wonderful feeling. Danxia ruby white Huang Wen, Oriental art classic colors, not fragile, not artificial, simple atmosphere, Oriental verve, writing as a god. Danxia ruby marble wall protection, the use of precious natural stone care, collocation extremely rich artistic design and exquisite craft, can will be infinite sublimation master temperament and grade. Danxia ruby marble wall decorating plate also have fire prevention, moth-proofing, the advantages of safety, adornment effect is obvious. Pavilion Shi Lifang natural marble life experience and a total of seven floors of the marble is different style use self-marketing natural marble, design adornment effect makes a person beautiful, linger, every swimming reading is a visual feast. Shi Lifang natural solid surface sheets for sale environmental protection, no radiation, unique texture, rich colors, high cost performance, not the kui is the most competitive stone well-known enterprises at home and abroad.
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