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Families decorate exquisite stone?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
usually appear in house decorate a space, two bedroom, small family even ordinary three-bedroom didn't use. Is simple, the vision of people, the sensory effects that stone have the function of the 'pressure hall child', if indoor area is small, a lot of use stone material will make the whole space is too heavy and cold, warm enough. However if mansion improper use of stone material, the effect will be counterproductive. So a family to decorate stone material must be used carefully. General wall mounted bar countertop material is mainly used in the ground of the public space, TV setting wall, ambry mesa, windowsill and some balcony. First of all, for the TV setting wall, if you want to own home decoration more character, show the imposing manner, then you can choose solid surface adornment modelling wall, natural stone, solid surface recommended because of the natural solid surface decorative pattern is natural, good performance, more intent for do art on the walls. Second, the public space of the sitting room ground suit to use marble, but also suit to use solid surface sheets for sale bathroom floor and walls, but in principle must be chosen prevent slippery type. In addition to the ground a lot of use stone, many families to float on the windowsill, chose the stone, mesa adornment also can prevent bask in. Applied to ambry mesa, ambry mesa is to use frequency is highest, choose stone to think in terms of hardness and abrasion, man-made stone are better choice.
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