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Fangtai Water Heater Engineer: Teach you to 'Buy a Water Heater'-Fangtai Water Heater, Engineer, Start Buying a Water Heater

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

As the saying goes, the layman watches the fun, and the expert watches the doorway. Gas water heaters are very popular with the public because the constant temperature technology has solved the problem of hot and cold water in the past two years, and the recent cancer-causing incident of water heaters in China has added fuel to the hot gas water heater market. So, how do we choose a constant temperature gas water heater? Some water heaters on the market cost only one or two thousand, while others cost seven or eight thousand. The price difference is several times. What is the difference between different brands? How to identify the quality? Please listen to Fangtai's water heater engineer to guide us to start up and tell us where is the real quality difference

Figure 1 water heater startup diagram

For ordinary users to buy water heaters, what we like to care about is the announcement in some product manuals indicators, such as capacity (liters), energy consumption (thermal efficiency), several water outlet points, and whether the three gases are common and so on. But these are all things on the surface, he can't really decide the quality of the water heater! When buying a water heater, you must first take a look and touch it. Just like buying a car, some cars look at hundreds of thousands from a distance, hundreds of thousands from close up, and tens of thousands from inside. Many qualities of the water heater can actually be seen, touched and weighed. The simplest is to weigh the weight. The total weight of general gas water heater products is generally about 8 kg, and some brand-name products are lighter, but a good water heater can generally reach 16 liters and 16 kg. It is closely related to the quality of the water heater to determine whether the material is mostly stainless steel. For example, if the smoke pipe is made of aluminum thin pipe instead of stainless steel, it is not resistant to high temperature, easy to leak, and there is a potential safety hazard.

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