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Faroli builds a new standard for healthy water heater purchases - Faroli Health Wash Series,

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-25

In people's traditional ideas, what is the standard for buying a water heater? Fast? Energy saving? Environmental protection? healthy.

The concept of healthy home appliances has been around for a long time. The improvement of living standards has changed consumers' pursuit from having enough to eat and using them to eating well. Good, well used. In response to this change in demand, many healthy, green and environmentally friendly home appliances have emerged. The advent of healthy TVs, healthy refrigerators, healthy air conditioners and a series of healthy home appliances has made domestic consumers gradually familiar with and accepted the concept of healthy home appliances. Everyone is paying more and more attention to the health factor of home appliances.

Although healthy home appliances are more and more popular, they have not been better popularized and promoted in the field of water heaters because of the traditional healthy water heaters. It has not been able to achieve the sterilization effect more effectively, and the technology has been limited. This year, Faroli, a water heater related person from Europe, launched a new product, Faroli Health Wash D series water heater, which has become a new star in the industry with its high-efficiency sterilization technology that breaks the shackles of traditional healthy water heaters. Bacterial technology, the independently developed light-touch silver sterilization technology, starts from improving the water quality of bathing water, effectively sterilizes and removes residual chlorine, and solves the impact of harmful bacteria and residual chlorine in the water on body appearance and hair quality. This series of water heaters has been widely praised by relevant people in the industry once it came out. After the listing, the Farrow health wash series also achieved good sales performance, especially in the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day double festival promotions, the health wash series was full of limelight and enviable. What's more valuable is that the Faroli Health Washing Series has quietly changed consumers' standards for purchasing water heaters, and the attention and pursuit of healthy bathing has never been seen before. Market demand determines the trend of the industry. Consumers' attention to healthy water heaters may lead to a health revolution in the field of water heaters, and the industry may enter a new stage. In this process, Faroli will play a positive role in promoting effect.

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