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finding \"green\" countertops for your kitchen

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-25
Want to remodel your kitchen and/or bathroom?
Build a new home and try to decide what kitchen and bathroom countertops to use?
Well, as you may find, there are many different types of countertops from Fumika to solid surfaces, to recycled or recycled materials.
I would like to suggest that you consider recycled and recycled materials that not only look good in your home, but also help the environment.
There are multiple types of countertops to choose from for recycling and recycling, so the question now is, \"which ones do I choose, how do I find them and compare them? \".
Here are five different examples of recycling and/or recycling countertops that you can consider when you try to make important decisions for your home. 1. The Craft-
Art timber companies make countertops from bamboo and a variety of recycled wood.
Bamboo is Teragren bamboo, made of a bamboo forest that can be harvested sustainably in China.
The recovered wood comes from many different types of buildings, including old barns and textile mills.
In addition, they also recycle wood from kimchi and vinegar barrels (
Check availability).
If you like the look of distressed wood (
Very old looking Wood)
This is your countertop.
If the wood happens to be in good condition, they will even upset you, or you can get it as it is. 2.
IceStone LLC uses 100% recycled glass mixed with cement to make solid surface countertops, creating a highly durable product.
Volatile organic compounds are used on the table (VOC)
Free ingredients and a variety of colors to add to any kitchen or bathroom.
The product also realizes the coveted Cradle to Cradle (TM)
Gold medal certification, which means that the product is ideal to help you get the item \"green\" status or LEED certification. 3.
New Materials Co. , Ltd. has put forward the name Alkemi.
Alkemi is a polyester-based composite surface treatment material that contains approximately 60% of recycled soft-alloy aluminum-chip fillers.
When exposed to traditional aluminum recycling, this waste is usually burned as a heavy smoke pollutant.
The product has a variety of colors and different surface treatments. 4.
Sany mountain innovation has created a fiber product
Cement material consisting of recycled paper, recycled glass and pulverized coal-ash and cement.
This product is named Squak Stone and has 5 different colors.
It has a solid surface material or tile of 1/2 thick. 5.
ShetkaWorks LLC has a product called shetkaSTONE, which is a solid surface made of waste paper before and after consumption.
Once the product has achieved its life cycle, there is no need to put it into a landfill because it can be recycled back to the new KKR countertop.
The product comes in multiple colors, the shipment is complete and ready for installation.
As you can see, there are a wide variety of recycled and recycled products, all mentioned above is a small sample.
Research the manufacturer and determine which one meets your requirements for green, and most importantly meet your requirements to get your kitchen and bathroom into your dream room!
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