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First of all, let's talk about artificial marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-20

advantages: no radiation, design and color is various, relatively natural has certain flexibility, the joint of li shi and li shi is not obvious, integral feeling is strong! Shortcoming is:

1. Look at its surface. Surface level off is smooth, good color and luster, but didn't light natural stone.
  2. Look on the back of the marble. Poor quality of pores. The manufacture technology of artificial solid surface sheets for sale go through vacuum and pressure under normal circumstances is not generally appear porosity, very low possibility.
  3. With fingernails scraping plate appearance, no obvious scratch, artificial marble surface hardness, if only with nails can trace in the surface of the solid surface sheets for sale, it just means that the quality of the product is really bad.
  4. Inferior artificial marble with the same two pieces of samples on each other, not easily broken. Artificial marble and artificial quartz, can also be used as kitchen countertops, just hardness slightly almost compared with synthetic quartz. Actually it is difficult to see from the appearance of artificial stone its quality stand or fall, we're going to focus on the stone material bibulous rate, it is crucial for artificial stone fouling resistance, bibulous rate is higher, shows that its density is smaller, the more loose texture, oil, etc. The easier it is to permeate.
a: artificial marble part chemical substances harmful to human body, low hardness, afraid, afraid, afraid of coloring.

second, let's talk about the advantages of natural marble
natural marble: decorative pattern nature, after polishing, feel is good, hardness is strong, compared with the artificial should wear a lot of, not afraid of coloring, with pore, permeability. Radiation,
faults: part of a natural stone brittle fracture, poor flatness love, the joint of li shi and li shi obviously, cannot achieve seamless splicing, easy to breed bacteria, elastic is not enough, difficult to repair, rapid changes in temperature burst will happen. Do a test, drop some ink on the back of the natural marble wall mounted bar countertop, see whether ink penetration into, if infiltration, loose structure, in addition this test can detect whether the wall mounted bar countertop made waterproof processing, but this kind of practice to check the quality of a material actually doesn't make sense, and in the toilet and kitchen wall mounted bar countertop in this kind of environment will through oil waterproof processing, otherwise, the oil and water are seeping into the marble inside, can appear the surface patches, color change.
identify man-made and natural marble and easier way: on drop a few rare hydrochloric acid, natural marble is acuteness blister, is artificial marble or even no bubbles.

the dangers of inferior artificial marble

in the market at present, there are suited local artificial stone containing benzene, formaldehyde, lead, harmful material such as organic acid, this kind of plate has a common characteristic is a pungent chemical smell ( Especially in the peculiar smell in the manufacturing process of a bigger) Chemical color, the color is not natural, this kind of inferior man-made stone plate containing formaldehyde and benzene in cutting processing when a pungent odor, plate consumption after processing and molding device, will still remain excessive formaldehyde and benzene, formaldehyde and benzene in 3 - 5 years time discontinuous volatilization, benzene and formaldehyde volatilization and come into contact with food imports will direct pollution of heavy metals, the harmful substance not only through the respiratory system and may go into the digestive system, poisoning level and the speed is more significant.
so, choose quality excellent man-made stone is particularly important. Especially in winter in the north, home to shut down the air is not fluent, indoor temperature is higher, more will accelerate this class 'poison plate evaporation of solvent such as benzene and formaldehyde, the well-being of human body damage more serious!
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