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Five misunderstandings of solar water heater purchase-solar, water heater, purchase

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

Living in the bustling urban life for a long time, people have been longing for a more comfortable and modern living environment. Many people don't forget to install a solar water heater on the roof or balcony when adding an indoor home system. However, when many people buy solar water heaters, they do not understand the product quality and comprehensive performance of solar water heaters. situation. In fact, when choosing a solar water heater, you need to pay attention to the following common misunderstandings. Misunderstanding 1 when purchasing solar water heaters: The longer the warranty period, the better. At present, many manufacturers claim that the after-sale warranty is 6 years or longer. Here, we should tell consumers that warranty does not mean repair. According to the National Three Guarantees Law, there is no charge for consumers to repair the goods during the warranty period. But the warranty, you have to pay. The long warranty period is just a tempting promise made by some low-quality products to cater to consumers. Maintenance is required to be paid, and it is often not fulfilled. Misunderstanding 2 of solar water heater purchase: after-sales service refers to after-sales maintenance The real after-sales service should be that customers enjoy the services brought by the product and at the same time enjoy the value-added services of the manufacturer, such as free cleaning and maintenance services for solar energy. At present, only merchants with good reputation can provide users with guaranteed services. Comfort 100.com, based on the comfortable home system, has a dedicated after-sales service department, which is responsible for customer information feedback, returns and exchanges, on-site cleaning, maintenance, etc., and provides users with integrated services 24 hours a day. Misunderstanding 3 when purchasing solar water heaters: The quality of the original equipment will be better. Now some manufacturers are introducing the concept of the original equipment to attract consumers' attention, but in fact, the so-called original equipment is just a product processed by some small factories. Their own labels, posing as 'original match' to fool consumers. The small OEM factories are generally workshop-style, and the quality cannot be guaranteed at all, so the concept of original equipment is just to make consumers pay for inferior quality. Misunderstanding 4 when purchasing solar water heaters: Buying solar energy means just buying a water heater. Most consumers think that buying solar energy means spending money on a water heater. In fact, it is not so simple, because to get hot water, only one solar energy is not enough, but also the corresponding pipeline connection, pipe fitting installation, and even some users need to add self-priming pumps, water tanks and other accessories to enjoy hot water , so consumers buy solar energy not only products, but a complete set of hot water systems including products, accessories and services. Misunderstanding 5 in the purchase of solar water heaters: The regulation that high-rise buildings cannot use solar energy integrated machines in high-rise buildings has led consumers to generally believe that high-rise buildings cannot use solar energy. Solar water heater, the solar collector and the water tank are separated, the collector is installed outside the user's balcony, and the water tank can be placed inside the balcony, which perfectly realizes the concept of solar energy and building integration, and solves the problem that high-rise buildings cannot use solar energy. limited. Such as flat panel solar water heaters and wall mounted solar water heaters. Under the market background of low industry entry threshold, uneven product quality, and the existence of many 'workshop-style' small enterprises, solar water heaters should be purchased with particular care. Consumers can consult industry insiders before purchasing solar water heater products. Comfort 100.com has professional sales engineers to answer relevant problems for you, from preliminary consultation, design plan to standardized construction, and truly provide one-stop service for the purchase of solar water heaters to ensure the annual domestic hot water demand.

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