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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-13
First of all, the coloring mechanism. Gold hemp according to its color stone effect, can be divided into color changes, and improve the polishing in brightness. The loan is in order to improve the gold hemp wall mounted bar countertop the color of the original, make it become more dense Peugeot change, change color is the color of a bad quality gold is the color of the stone, making it the color of new varieties of the market main body, content, touched Ma Shi gold does not change the original sound, just to make more moist, bright and beautiful. Gold mineral color can be roughly divided into three types, namely the color itself, his color and pseudo color. Two, physical coloring pigment dye on the physical principle that the mineral impurities or platinum in wall mounted bar countertop ma ma goldstein's internal mechanical penetration is the color of color, this process is complete physical penetration process. Defect is pigment rendezvous fissure gold sometimes hemp local ingredients of natural texture, it's easy to gold hemp stone. Third, physical - chemical physics Staining method according to the principle, also the color of the mineral, the physical penetration, chemistry is fixed, the method through mechanical colored impurity elements of the first physical penetration or horse goldstein internal by gold MaHao dye chemical combination, thus to improve the gold hemp color fastness to repair. Fourth, chemical coloring dye chemical reactions according to monochromatic minerals and its color theory, general inorganic materials, depending on the reaction temperature, usually it can be divided into normal and high coloring dyes. The first first, to maintain consistent color, no color difference error, besmirch, threads, discoloration, Yin and Yang; The next second, Mosaic remain essentially the same line, no crack plate: third, floor flatness error should be less than 1 mm, there are sand no way; Fourth, toner adhesion, clearance or the color of the stone to keep adhesive materials used in the color of the stone is the same; Fifth, we should use the diagonal, should just keep parallel lines parallel to the bottom of the arc can't walk, there can be no sharp corners blunt.
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