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From the bathroom to see the bathroom culture-bathroom, bathroom culture

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-02

When choosing sanitary products and other products, you should choose healthy and environmentally friendly products. Sanitary design is not blindly pursuing fashion and ignoring the quality of life, emphasizing ecological and environmental protection, not only pursuing style, but also emphasizing your attitude towards life. In order to realize the ideal of healthy bathing, the steam rooms of many products are equipped with three-dimensional accurate massage nozzles, which can relieve nerves and eliminate fatigue. These are typical representatives of bathroom culture moving towards humanistic care.

With the rapid development of the sanitary ware market and the progress of social civilization, consumers' consumption concept has quietly changed, and traditional monotonous sanitary ware products have been difficult to attract consumers' attention. , On the basis of function, it integrates the bathroom space with personality, natural harmony and human care. How to use bathrooms with different personalities to show the individual lifestyles of different owners? How to introduce simple and harmonious beauty into the bathroom environment? How to integrate humanistic care into bathroom design? It has been more and more concerned by consumers and enterprises.

Simple and harmonious design style. The higher realm of artistic design is life, and only the art born from the details of people's lives is the more dynamic art, and the same is true of bathroom design. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the pure use value of bathroom products is far from meeting the requirements. At this time, the combination of product usability and aesthetics has undoubtedly become a necessity. Every item in the bathroom, from wall tiles, floor tiles, washbasins, bathtubs, showers and bathroom accessories, all configurations are combined together to form a complete bathroom, each product is looking for a better attitude to inner life The layout of the space, every detail in it, even the slight size change will highlight the personal harmony and natural beauty of the space as a whole. Paying attention to every specific detail and realizing the harmony of details can properly express your own understanding of the beauty of life.

Health, environmental protection and aesthetics demonstrate humanistic care. While people eliminate fatigue through bathroom space, the pursuit of spiritual enjoyment of bathroom life will further improve the quality of life, and bathroom products, as the carrier of people's spiritual connection, are endowed with different aesthetic requirements, reflecting people's humanistic connotation and life attitude. Therefore, in the bathroom space that can better reflect the aesthetic taste, people go to great lengths to find a layout with a better attitude towards their inner life, such as the nostalgia for color matching, the pursuit of rural atmosphere, and the desire for natural tranquility, all of which reflect people's personalization. aesthetic needs.

Color matching and clever use meet the different aesthetic needs of consumers. The trend of healthy bathroom will never subside, and people's core demand for health is long-term. The elements contained in healthy bathroom are first of all materials. Bathroom products are in direct contact with the human body. The more attention you pay to the body, the more attention you should pay to bathroom products. This determines that the materials must be environmentally friendly.

The use of personalized products. Humans are thinking animals, so in addition to satisfying consumers' physical needs, sanitary products must also meet consumers' psychological needs for a better life. Only by creating a psychological value, it can reach the ideal psychological height of consumers. In order to produce products that are more in line with consumer needs, sanitary ware manufacturers have made great efforts to design ingenious products. The well-known German brand has launched a shower that creatively installs on the bathroom ceiling at the launch of the newer trend. The water flows down like a light waterfall, which is both poetic and comfortable. The design of Kohler's overflowing spa bathtub is similar in concept to the former. It also arranges the water flow to fall on the ceiling, like the spring water left by the gurgling, which makes people experience a leisurely and relaxing bathing in the mountains. meaning. That's why it's called a spa bath. Internationally, more and more attention is paid to inspiration from nature, which is the pursuit of people's daily cultural taste in life. The bathroom and the symphony are connected. On the surface, it is a corporate behavior. In fact, it extends the deep-level requirements of the industry for culture, and puts a more private space on the stage of elegant culture. Integrating more culture and expressing more elegantly represents the progress of industry creativity.

Whether it is harmonious nature, environmental protection bathroom space, or the use of personalized products, it represents that the bathroom industry has fully satisfied consumers' physical and psychological needs with a good spirit of humanistic care and products full of humanized care. Dual needs, it fully demonstrates the humanistic sanitary ware spirit is a kind of concern for human nature, and is a brand-new sanitary ware culture that conforms to the international sanitary ware development trend.

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