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Fujian boss bought mines in Hubei and was suspended for only one year

by:KKR Solid Surface     2019-12-21
Chutian Metropolis Daily News, Mr. Yu solid surface sheet suppliers from Fujian reported to this newspaper last week that he spent more than 20 million yuan to buy a mining platform in Suixian for 10 years. Who knows, after mining for more than a year, he was told that he was suspected of shutting down without a license. At present, Suixian has set up a special class to deal with this matter kkr solid surface. Wanhe town, Suixian county, Suizhou city is rich in stone mineral resources. Mr. Yu said that in March 2013, he spent 20. 25 million yuan from Suizhou Baoshun Stone Industry Co. , Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Baoshun company) Purchased a mining platform located in Moss village, Wanhe town solid surface sheet suppliers. 'When buying the mine, several officials of Baoshun company made it clear that the mine had a mining certificate and was within the allowable mining range. 'Mr. Yu said, because they are all Fujian villagers, he believed kkr solid surface.

unexpectedly, on May 2015, Suixian Land and Resources Bureau told Mr. Yu that the mine was unlicensed and must be shut down. Mr. Yu immediately invited a geological survey company. After the survey, the mining platform he purchased was indeed not within the scope of the permit. On last July, Mr. Yu called the police on the grounds of fraud kkr solid surface. On 14th day of last month, Suixian public security bureau told Mr. Yu that the matter involved economic disputes and did not constitute fraud and could not be investigated. Later, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily learned from an interview in Suixian that there are still several mining platforms sold by Baoshun company, almost all of which have no mining certificates. How can mines that are not within the scope of permitted mining be resold kkr solid surface? A video data obtained by the reporter showed that at a coordination meeting last month, Wang Shiwei, director of Suixian stone office, said, the relevant departments of Suizhou city have investigated the cross-border mining and random reselling of stone enterprises in Suixian County. Many stone mining enterprises have committed illegal acts and have dealt with several later. In an interview with reporters, the relevant heads of the county government, public security, land and other departments said that a special class had been set up to coordinate the handling of the matter kkr solid surface.
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