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Have formaldehyde Bai Tianran marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
Today's society, life is much more focused on keeping in good health, houses have formaldehyde is important thing for us, general decorated house will be placed in moved in 6 months or more, and they were afraid to formaldehyde to exceed bid influential to the body. Here we speak of the main components of the wall paint; Are usually made of synthetic resin emulsion and pigment, fillers, additives and water; And more for water-based coating, water soluble paint is water-soluble polymer base makings, add a certain amount of pigments, fillers, additives and water, are made after grinding and dispersing, such as poly (ethyl enol sodium silicate interior wall paint, paint of the wall inside the polyvinyl alcohol and imitation porcelain interior wall coating are water-soluble interior wall coating. A lot of people in this problem, ask natural solid surface sheets for sale have formaldehyde why ask such a question? I think it should be wall paint coating containing formaldehyde, basic on the white solid surface sheets for sale is the main component of 95% calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate powder is just wall paint coating is the main source of material ( Packing) , why putty powder basically is calcium carbonate powder as raw materials, putty powder, why there is no formaldehyde? Answer is Bai Tianran solid surface sheets for sale is not containing formaldehyde matter, really formaldehyde content material is synthetic resin, synthetic resin is the raw material part of the wall paint coating, water-based paint (commonly Including interior and exterior wall) Formaldehyde content is less, paint containing formaldehyde are heavier, it's because of the paint containing synthetic tree fat ratio is higher, and oily lacquer contain irritating smell, including brush brush, steel furniture, of course, there is a natural resin is without armor, but the yield of 1, 2, the price is expensive, less basically is the synthetic resin industry. So accused of marble stone does not contain formaldehyde, and the purpose of the calcium carbonate can be used as toothpaste, cosmetics industry, so to buy white marble friends don't have to worry about the problem of formaldehyde.
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