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Healthy bathroom new plan Fashion healthy bathroom-healthy bathroom, new plan, fashion healthy bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-11

In a busy life, there is always a place to relax. At home, the bathroom space is not only the interpretation of bathing, but must have the effect of relaxing the mind, precipitating the soul, and even a space that makes oneself healthier. When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to emphasizing one's own aesthetic preferences, the collocation of space, the coordination of materials, and the fusion of colors are also the main points of evaluation. Modern simplicity and European retro are in perfect harmony in a small bathroom space. The iron shelf is easy to move, allowing you to have various items at your fingertips while taking a bath. Simple pure white bathtub, beautiful lines, comfortable life can be enjoyed at will. The fresh breath outside the window slips in, making you feel the intimate nature.

The grey and white brick walls make the space no longer monotonous. The simple and elegant shelving bathtub is installed in the corner against the wall, which is convenient for construction and easy maintenance. Occasional bunches of flowers are embellished to add a little softness to the tough space. The square-shaped partition can store small items without depressing the space. The exquisitely carved bathroom cabinet is the characteristic of European classical style, but the style is simple and generous, with a restrained and romantic feeling. The built-in bathtub takes up a lot of space, but toiletries can be placed on the countertop, which is convenient and comfortable. While taking a bath, read a book and eat something, and enjoy it comfortably.

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