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Healthy Life, 'Clean Companion' First-Intelligent Body Cleaner

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-20

1. It is very important to clean the buttocks during pregnancy. During pregnancy, secretions will increase: the birth canal in the uterine opening, vagina and vulva becomes prosperous due to the action of a large number of hormones secreted from the placenta, and the secretions increase. In a state where secretions are attached, if the area is not sufficiently clean, rashes and itching will occur, and when bacteria multiply, symptoms of contagion will occur. 2. The terrible infection of the birth canal: If the birth canal is infected with bacteria during pregnancy, it will not only cause uncomfortable symptoms of increased secretions, but also cause the uterine opening or the protective amniotic membrane that protects the baby if the pathogenic bacteria multiply in the birth canal. Inflammation occurs, resulting in miscarriage, early water breakage and premature birth, newborn infants suffering from infectious diseases, or major inflammation in the uterus after delivery. Special attention should be paid to the bacteria present in the feces such as β-group lysobacteria and pathogenic coliform bacteria. Spot cleaning after defecation is very important. 3. How to keep the body clean during pregnancy: Due to the vigorous metabolism during pregnancy, coupled with the large secretion of hormones, it is easy to sweat, and the amount of secretions also increases. In keeping the appearance and mucous membranes clean, it is important to take a bath or shower every day. Yes, but for mucous membranes that cannot stand soap, it will cause reactivity, so it is safer not to use it when there are local symptoms such as rashes. At this point, a butt rinse with warm water is very effective. Unspeakable hidden problems of elderly friends, people with disabilities and people with disabilities. With the increase of age, various functions of the human body will gradually decline, including the function of defecation. Difficulty defecation is a problem that almost all elderly people will encounter. The cleaning after defecation of people with limited mobility and disabilities is solved by their family members or caregivers. For a long time, this has brought burdens and burdens to themselves and others. With the Smart Companion Body Cleaner, the elderly will no longer have to worry about going to the toilet every day, and provide greater convenience for people with disabilities and disabilities.

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