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High-end natural marble table how to select material

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-05
Our marble table looks simple, it's just a choose stone work, actually. People come up with a lot of new material of natural material, not only because of the new material is cheap, it is also because, pure natural materials, there will be a variety of problems, temperamental, as the change of environment will be in the various conditions. But because the irreplaceable natural beauty, we will try to go to overcome these difficulties, these beautiful things, moved to their own home. Roughly about the marble table, and not tell you what it is marble, the basic equivalent to play rascal. Like precious stones, jade, marble, different regions quality differs greatly, the price also sent several times, more than a dozen times, more than. Western union stone market in Beijing a few years ago was a lively, I often go to see the big board, the naked eye can see good marble, fully, beautiful color, decorative pattern, and the difference of marble, often look more nurturing, impurities, and not fully, the color is not straight. In the professional market, bankers will give various grades of marble set reasonable prices, but in the marble products in the market, because users do not understand, will appear all sorts of low quality marble as senior goods, sell high, or not to tell you the difference, let you think all the marble, is the low quality. origin a lot, the world's major marble basic are all in the Mediterranean countries of origin - A Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Egypt, north Africa, our country also have solid surface sheets for sale, India also has. This among them, the best marble, basically come from Italy, the country does have a tradition of using marble, from the structure of the ground, the streets were full of marble statue, and museum of Michelangelo's sculpture works, tells the since Roman times, people love of marble. From left to right: Italy, the sky was a fish-belly grey CalacatGod) Snow White, Italy, Italian carrara white, white marble in China, Chinese white in guangxi.
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