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Homebred stone material compared to buy stone and import stone price error

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
By comparison with domestic price of stone and import stone, as you can see, the price of imported stone is almost more than 3 to 5 times the price of domestic varieties, and many imported stone has been in short supply. Stone material purchase myth; 1, import stone is better than that of domestic stone material, the price is decided to some of the more expensive stone material is better, the stone material of high-end sometimes can sell high price. as the sky was a fish-belly grey high-end white stone, and its unique pattern, and the aesthetic feeling of high quality is the most popular domestic decorative solid surface sheets for sale, even sell for ten thousand yuan this year the price of a square, so many high-end marble stone maker is either not opened, just opened, ever to do enough mid-range stone a year of profit. If from the point of view of good and inexpensive, the superiority of homebred solid surface sheets for sale is better. The higher cost performance of stone is not popular with the domestic outfit instead, guangxi is the most valuable dolomite solid surface sheets for sale white marble, for cost-effective stone decoration materials used in engineering. Homebred stone material, of course, compared with imported stone, significant disadvantage is that the machining accuracy is not enough, such as thickness, smoothness, gloss, etc. Homebred stone material and there are many traditional large saws, according to the stone material deviation is larger. 2, homebred stone material in the name of imported stone, regardless of import stone and homebred stone material, there are many similar species, varieties of the same import stone sell expensive, and homebred stone material is sold, so a lot of homebred stone material, all in the name of high-end stone to for a long time, import stone more do more expensive, homebred stone material more do more cheap.
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