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Hong Kong and Macao committee delegation to visit Shi Lifang marble furniture experience pavilion

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-20
Hong Kong and Macao committee consultant delegation to visit, under the guidance of liu Juan fung manager visited Shi Lifang natural marble household experience pavilion. Hong Kong and Macao committee consultant delegation to visit, under the guidance of liu Juan good manager visited Shi Lifang natural solid surface sheets for sale household experience pavilion. Liu Juan fung manager to introduce our delegation this Shi Lifang natural solid surface sheets for sale furniture experience pavilion has a total of 7 layers, each layer is not kind of function and style, each piece of marble is used by our company own production. On the first floor hall mainly European architectural style. Space atmosphere, neat layout, ground and wall of setting of marble texture from afar became space is the mass-tone attune of the black and white ash, apply colours to a drawing gives composed of elegant temperament. Texture clear unique marble floor, under the crystalline light appears translucent crystal, give a kind of mysterious and deceptive luxury uncommon temperament, feeling giving a person is comfortable and warm. Different color decorative pattern of marble laid according to certain shape cohesion, and become a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the interior space, high-end atmosphere, very attract eyeball. Located in the flat world guangxi district west bay industrial park, professional solid surface sheets for sale mining, processing and deep processing of 13 years, is one of the largest natural marble processing factories, the our city has become the industry benchmarking enterprises.
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