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Hope to be evergreen, and the heart of Zhouqu - Jiumu Sanitary Ware Zhouqu Student Aid-Jiumu, Sanitary Ware

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

Recently, Jiumu Sanitary Ware joined hands with China Social Assistance Fund Association to enter Zhouqu, and held the inauguration ceremony of Jiumu·Zhouqu Healthy Five Good Students Student Aid Package Donation Ceremony. Ying Maoli, Manager of Corporate Culture Department of Jiumu Sanitary Ware, Wang Yujie, Deputy Secretary General of China Social Assistance Fund Association, Yang Enmao, Director of Zhouqu Civil Affairs Bureau, Yang Yuzhou, Director of Teaching Supervision Office of Education Bureau and other leaders and their recipient students attended the ceremony.

Healthy Five Good Students Aid

This event was held in the auditorium of the former junior high school in Zhouqu County, and was presided over by Bi Tao, the principal of the former junior high school in Zhouqu. At the meeting, the leaders of Jiumu Sanitary Ware first spoke. Jiumu Sanitary Ware said that this Zhouqu student aid trip is not only to ensure the children's learning, but also to convey hope and hope that the children will look forward to it. , look up, look towards a better future! With a grateful heart, turn gratitude into the strength of struggle, learn to be strong, learn to be alone, and create the future with your own hands! The intention of Jiumu Sanitary Ware touched the emotions of everyone present!

Jiumu Zhouqu Donation Ceremony

Afterwards, Wang Yujie, deputy secretary of the Chinese Society for the Establishment of Funding Association, Yang Enmao, director of the Zhouqu Civil Affairs Bureau, and Yang Yuzhou, director of the Teaching Supervision Office of the Education Bureau, made speeches one after another, thanking the donor Jiumu Sanitary Ware for their donations. At the same time, it is also to educate children to be grateful, to inherit friendship, to encourage students to study hard, and to contribute to the future of the motherland, hometown and society!

Jiu Mu Zhouqu Student Aid Activity

At the ceremony, the leaders personally put the Health Five Good Students Student Aid package and the Health Student Aid into the hands of each assisted student, and expressed their concern for the difficulties of these families. However, the concern and encouragement of students who are studious and excellent in both character and study. What makes us more gratified is that after listening to the speeches of the representatives of the assisted children, we can see in them the hope of reconstruction after the Zhouqu disaster. The children are full of confidence and grateful for the care and love they receive. will thrive. The moment the children wore red scarves for us, each of us was touched by them. In order to let the children feel more love and encouragement again, Jiumu Sanitary Ware prepared the students to build a tree of hope at the end of the event. Put on your own handprint to tell the students that the help others give us is like more nutritious sunshine, nectar, and soil, but whether the small tree can thrive in the future depends more on your own efforts and use Create a better tomorrow with your own hands, let your dreams fly, and keep hope alive! After the event, the representatives of Jiumu visited the primary and secondary schools in Zhouqu, and went further into Zhouqu, hoping to do their best to bring more help to Zhouqu! As the leader of the sanitary ware industry, Jiumu Sanitary Ware not only shoulders the responsibility and mission of leading the industry forward, but also actively undertakes the social responsibility of a corporate citizen. The Jiu Mu chapter in ! I hope it will last forever, love will last forever, and kindness will last forever! The public welfare undertaking of Jiumu Sanitary Ware is still in progress

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