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How about the color of white marble stone classification

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
Rocky solid marble, white marble is colour JiaoBai, carved stone is a fine building. Baoxing jade stone factory today about the color white marble stone just to tell you about how to classification. 1, white marble acrylic countertops of the same color of the same color is white marble stone is to point to have the same structure and characteristics, and color composition the same or similar kind of white marble. For example: shandong white hemp of large flowers and flowers and flowers from the flower, new appearance, smooth surface and rough, and old appearance and upper and lower seam were the same color of white marble stone. About the color difference between this kind of white marble, advocate choose add white marble species ( Also known as wet agent, antistaling agent) To deal with. Graces type white marble species suitable for the adjustment of the small color difference between the same color is white marble and appear wear away, fade, dim the phenomenon such as solid surface sheets, solid surface, sandstone, SLATE, etc have breathing pores grace type of dark white marble processing. The pale white solid surface sheets stone hyperchromic effect is not significant. Because grace not easy fade after, so, do small sample test first, confessed to do again after large area construction. 2, different color is white marble stone of different color is white marble stone is a completely different structure and characteristic, and color composition completely different kind of white marble or difference is very big. Gold thread, for example, cream-colored and new west cream-colored, Spain cream-colored and white sand between cream-colored, shandong white hemp and the grey hemp were different color of white marble. About the color difference between them, advocated choose coloring method ( Dyeing) To deal with. Now, white marble stone coloring methods at home and abroad about 20 kinds, most needs a specific device or places. This is not about the white marble maintenance job too realistic. Choose white marble stain for color processing is a convenient shorthand and effect significantly. But because the white marble can be eradicated once after coloring is not simple, so the claim construction by professional and technical personnel, to avoid unnecessary lost. Above is the baoxing jade acrylic countertops factory to summarize about how the classification of the white marble stone material have off color, hope to help everyone.
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