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How do ambry of marble cleaning?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
Today, the types of ambry also is more on the market, there are board ambry, also have marble ambry, although board ambry sales on the market today is more, but the marble ambry due to its outstanding advantages, reasonable price, elegant modelling design, fine craftsmanship is very popular with consumers, if family purchased the marble of ambry, cleaning and maintenance work is also very important, natural marble ambry is dirty in the home, natural is quick to clean up, or leave a mark will be very ugly, so, on ambry of marble how decontamination cleaner? Baoxing jade stone factory will tell you how to clean is right. 1. On the marble ambry marble ambry, actually belongs to the porous acrylic countertops, easily will absorb all kinds of liquid, so the marble ambry also had better not in easy to dirty place, is not very good cleaning, marble stone especially easy to absorb liquid, but also easy to dye the stone material, no matter what the stains, when cleaning the solid surface sheets must be to use neutral detergent, don't use any cleaner with bleaching performance, also not enough hard brushes and abrasive cleanser solid surface sheets ambry, at the time of cleaning marble ambry, it is very important to the choice of cleaning agent, still have even if accidentally spilled liquid is, of course, should be timely clean, if time long, is not easy to clean. 2. Ambry of marble marble ambry cleaning method if there is a stain, the stain is, of course, according to different for different cleaning, if the stain on solid surface sheets ambry is acidic stains, such as vinegar or acidic juice, you can use towel blot liquid first, don't wipe, wipe the words may make besmirch area is larger, if is acidic, soda and baking powder can be used to create paste, then wipe besmirch place in marble, while waiting for the hardened paste become dry, use a wet towel to wipe, with dry towel again can be restored as white as new, if is food stains, can be treated by oxidation of hydrogen, processing after must immediately with a wet towel to wipe clean, restore clean, if is oily substance, you can first dry oily substance on paper towels, then can use absorbent, such as potato starch material, apply to the marble stains position, wait for one or two hours after the can use a wet towel to wipe clean. That is about the marble decontamination method on ambry some simple introduction, different stains need to use different ways to clean, if liquid on marble, must not immediately with a towel to wipe, could make the stain area is larger, you must be aware of when using the usual marble cleaning and maintenance.
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