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How do white marble stone anti-corrosion?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-14
Now there are many macro will put some more before the construction of distinctive white solid surface sheets stone, so can make the whole building show more changing, so the demand of stone carving in the market now is still relatively large, but the acrylic countertops after long use, also have been varying degrees of corrosion, because of the nature of all white marble stone, so put in the time, it is necessary to do some maintenance methods, to prevent these stone carving works by rain or other material corrosion, then, after all, how should do to prevent it from corrosion? Today baoxing jade stone manufacturers to introduce: want to make white marble stone maintenance methods, the first thing to understand a little, that is the true reason resulted in the corrosion of stone carving works, for find the reason, can suit the remedy to the case, a more accurate selection of anticorrosive method, so it is necessary to understand, why white solid surface sheets stone stone will corrode. In fact the main reason is because the surface of the white marble stone has a lot of empty seats, some people may think of space as small as possible, in fact is not the case, if space is small, will have strong adsorption ability, especially in the rain, or dust in the air, water and dust will be absorbed, time grew, the stone carving surface will also be eroded. Understand the white marble acrylic countertops after briefly the reasons of corrosion, can suit the remedy to the case, select useful against method, in order to be able to ensure that this stone carving from corrosion, must make preparedness work, so after rain or snow, should be timely tidy up the rain and snow on the surface of the stone material, must prevent the stone carving surface left too much stain, if in the long run, will lead to white solid surface sheets stone material corrosion, and even may be left in white marble stone material surface water pollution, and water pollution is very difficult to pick up and will affect the overall recognition effect. So, the moisture on the surface of the stone or impurities, it is necessary to timely tidy up, especially after some dirt contamination, must clean up in time, if is a fluid material, will be timely clean, assuming good, do not hurt for a long time these fluid material is likely to be into the stone inside the pore, will attack besmirch, other, if has a stain in the home, also don't choose acid cleanser, but to use the soda water to clean, after spraying soda, using plastic wrap, cover over time and becomes very briefly. White marble stone cleaning is important to note that such ability to ensure the long-term use of white marble stone, can also save on the cost of this.
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