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How high is the natural marble radiation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-27
Have natural marble radiation, radiation level how high, this question has always been the concern of the consumers. Have natural marble radiation, radiation level how high, this question has always been the concern of the consumers. Small make up for sure answer you, not only the natural marble is radioactive, the nature of the material basically has no radiation, even the sun has radiation, is the radiation of high and low, so is natural marble radiation hurt people? National stone material quality supervision inspection center for nearly 10 years of the commonly used on the market more than 100 kinds of domestic and imported solid surface sheets for sale marble samples for radioactive inspection, the results showed that all tested marble radionuclide specific activity of sample average value of 0. 02, only to the national standard 'building materials radionuclide limited' in A 1/50 class indexes, completely negligible. In 2013, our country 'the public construction engineering indoor environment pollution control norm', is no longer require natural radioactive inspection report issued by Dali. Stone material is natural building materials product, is the only building materials products exempted from inspection, for 'stone radioactive hazard such as radiation, belongs to building materials industry of unfair competition, technique of misleading, China stone association, the national quality supervision and inspection center, the national stone standardization technical committee as early as 2013 had jointly issued the notification regarding the marble products without a harm to human body'. CCTV financial channel, the home installs consumer guide has done in the corresponding inspection and issue A certificate, natural marble radiation was lower than wood, cement, ceramic brick, enough to prove that natural marble radiation completely has no effect on people, belong to the state class A environmental protection building materials. Manufacturer specialized in Bai Tianran marble, its white marble mines 12.
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