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How is the layout of the bathroom reasonable-bathroom, layout

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-18

Bathroom feng shui, is it a cliché? No or no. The layout of the bathroom here plays a key role in the bathroom, so there is a good bathroom layout, a clean and beautiful bathroom will be presented in front of us, and a good feng shui layout will also bring us Good luck! 1. The location of the toilet Modern toilets are more hygienic and indoors, so they are not affected by the wind direction. But it is precisely because it is located in the living room, so the bathroom, which is the source of the pollution in the living room, must pay attention to the location: the toilet should not be in the center of the living room, so as to prevent the center from being polluted. The center of the room is the center of gravity of the house, just like the heart of a person. The center is polluted, and the filth can easily convect to other rooms, and it is easy to get diseases in it. Moreover, the bathroom located in the center of the house must have poor lighting. It is a place with a lot of water, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is of course not good for health. 2. The floor of the bathroom The floor of the bathroom should not be higher than the living room. It is better not to set up a bathroom in the master room. There should not be too many bathrooms. For modern urban furniture, taking 100 square meters as an example, the bathroom should occupy 5% to 8% of the area, and it should not be too large. 3. The position of the toilet The position of the toilet should be concealed. If the bathroom is large, it is better to arrange the toilet in a position that cannot be seen from the bathroom door, hidden behind a low wall, screen or curtain, and it is better not to see it from the mirror. Always keep the toilet lid closed as much as possible. Fourth, the use of appropriate colors The five elements of the bathroom belong to water, so the color of the bathroom is better to choose white which belongs to gold and black and blue which belong to water, which is both elegant and can produce a feeling of tranquility and tranquility. Light green, light color, light blue, milky white, etc. also give people a refreshing and comfortable feeling, which is more suitable for use in the bathroom. The use of dazzling colors such as bright red should be avoided to make toilet users feel irritable.

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