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How many money a square white marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-16
White marble from the eastern region hezhou, guilin, wuzhou, guilin guilin white and white is the same type, has long been a white marble are on the market price of the cheapest white marble. Why don't white marble price high? In the first place. White marble storage capacity of up to 2. 6 billion cubic meters, compared with 30% of the country's white marble, secondly; White marble factors formed by the geographic location, causing many solid surface sheets for sale crack shape. Furthermore; Hezhou stone mining technology is relatively backward, mostly in the form of small workshops, create good stone waste too much, price competition is big. White how much Qian Yifang; White is in commonly 100 to 150 the price on the market square specification plate, factory factory price big board price at around $80 a square, general factory of large points can provide custom cutting ability, on the big board price in 20 to 30. World guangxi area is white solid surface sheets for sale base, is our country of 'derived', 'all' of calcium carbonate, is the city's largest natural marble enterprise, its own marble mines 12, white solid surface sheets for sale of long-term supply various specifications plate.
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