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How to break the limitation and create a good small bathroom solution - the ultimate small bathroom, create a solution

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-17

POINT1 multi-level storage is effective and beautiful

Neat storage is the basis for keeping the space elegant. Even when space is tight, there are clever ways to deal with it. The staggered furniture placement and multi-level storage compartments can clearly classify large and small items and collect them freely. It should be noted that when purchasing furniture, pay attention to a uniform color tone and style, and remember that the color is messy. Partition-type storage rack The partition-type storage rack is simple and easy to use, with a strong sense of decoration. Roll up bath towels and commonly used clothes neatly, and the same color tone can increase the overall feeling. Exquisite and beautiful storage box Add several boxes with different functions and shapes, and classify the toiletries and jewelry into different categories and store them properly. Putting a dressing table in the POINT2 washstand Combining the functions of the washstand and the dressing table is a better solution to directly solve the space problem. When customizing the washbasin, it is necessary to take into account the dressing function, such as a mirror, which is better to be able to view different angles when applying makeup; a dressing table is reserved in the middle of the washbasin, where decorations and cosmetics can be placed; the matching seat is It must be selected, which not only takes into account the integrity, but also facilitates collection and collection, without affecting the original function of the space. TIPs: Reference method for placing dressers in small spaces Small size white furniture If you like a refreshing Style, choose some small white furniture. The style of the dressing table should be simple, compact, and do not have a cool feeling. Curtains and furniture are also better in light colors, which greatly enhances the transparency of the room. The staggered design of the dressing table According to local conditions, the staggered design uses every inch of space, not only the window scenery around the bathtub is preserved, but also the height of the washstand and the locker are scattered, which just separates the washing space, and the practicability and the sense of space are taken into account.

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