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How to buy a bathroom waterproof TV - how to buy, bathroom waterproof TV

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

How to choose a bathroom waterproof TV Maybe your bathroom is neat, but is the expression of the space too blank? Many people want to make small-sized bathrooms stylish, but they don't know what to do? In addition to working hard on the layout, is there any other easy way to replace it? From the selection of ceramic tiles to sanitary ware, from the matching of bathroom cabinets to small accessories, what I will share with you in this issue is the ever-changing proposals for small-sized bathrooms, and teach you to upgrade. Now, bathroom waterproof TVs are generally used in high-end hotels, and many people who know how to enjoy life install waterproof TVs in their bathrooms. Install a waterproof TV in the bathroom, you can watch TV while taking a bath, or you can watch TV while dressing in the mirror. As the so-called grasp of every minute of life, bathroom waterproof TV is a symbol of high-quality life. It is the requirement of the development of the times So, how to choose a bathroom TV? Which brand is better? The comparison should be made in terms of Ru0026D strength, product quality, product certification, business reputation, product installation and after-sales service. 1. Look at Ru0026D strength. It is not that the earlier the manufacturer of bathroom TVs, the stronger the strength, the more important it is to have a certain production scale, to have its own Ru0026D team and core technology, and to have strong Ru0026D strength. When choosing a bathroom TV, you can go to the manufacturer to inspect. Manufacturers with a certain scale have their own product exhibition halls. 2. Look at the quality of the product. In terms of panel selection, it is better to choose a bathroom TV with tempered glass panel, because the tempered glass panel is not easy to be scratched, so that the screen can be kept beautiful and scratch-free for a long time. In addition, the tempered glass panel has better bending strength. The image is not easily deformed when watching a program. 3. Look at the product certification. At present, there are many LCD TV brands on the market, and many LCD TV manufacturers have obtained multiple certifications, but it is necessary to pay attention to which products these manufacturers have obtained certification. Many manufacturers have adopted the strategy of rubbing the ball. For example, the ordinary LCD TV that was originally certified was advertised as a bathroom TV. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish carefully when purchasing. Personally recommend to choose Foshan Sanjun sundream bathroom TV, because Sanjun has been focusing on the research and development of many professional fields such as bathroom, and its bathroom TV has obtained 3C, CE, CB, ROHS, TUV-IPX5 and other certifications. Note: It is certified bathroom TV, not regular LCD TV. 4. Look at the business reputation. Of course, it is more reassuring to choose a business with a better reputation. Foshan Sanjun bathroom TVs are mostly tailor-made for hotels. Hotels have higher requirements for bathroom TVs, and the selection is more strict. Sanjun bathroom TVs are used by many high-end hotels in China, and have been well received by the market and won a good reputation. 5. Look at the product installation. The installation of the bathroom TV is better not to be too complicated. It is better to be simple and easy to operate. Beautiful and safe are more important. 6. Look at after-sales service, the more in place, the better. Also, a reminder: Before buying a bathroom TV, check out the relevant websites and forums for more information on bathroom TVs.

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