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How to buy bathroom products-buy, bathroom products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

In modern life, the modeling style of sanitary ware is not only diverse but also becoming more and more refined. Various bathtub shapes, material performances, changes in the form of washbasins, the shape of shower heads, the styles of toilets, and the variety of storage cabinets - whether it is Choose the overall bathroom facilities, or buy a single bathroom equipment, a dazzling array of products, each one will make people fall in love. When purchasing sanitary ware, consider the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to being able to emphasize your own aesthetic preferences. You should also pay attention to the following points: 1. Before choosing a toilet, it is necessary to find out whether the drainage outlet reserved in the toilet is under drainage or horizontal drainage. If it is under drainage, measure the distance from the center of the drainage outlet to the wall, and then choose a seat with the same distance. toilet, otherwise it cannot be installed. If horizontal drainage, to find out the height of the drainage outlet to the ground, the toilet outlet and the reserved drainage outlet should be the same or slightly higher to ensure smooth drainage. 2. The color of the washbasin, toilet, bathtub and other large pieces of sanitary ware must be consistent, and its grade should be coordinated with the color of the floor tiles and wall tiles in the bathroom to coordinate the color of the sanitary ware in the general bathroom and the color of the floor tiles. The mouth and bathtub triple faucet should choose the same brand, and the same style will appear more coordinated. The faucet is better to choose a single handle ceramic core. Because the faucet of the ceramic valve core is more durable than the rubber core, and does not leak. 3. How to distinguish the quality of ceramics used in sanitary ware Generally, high-quality sanitary ware has a smooth glaze, no deflated pond, chromatic aberration, pinholes and lack of glaze, etc. The sound of hitting the ceramic with a hard object is crisp. The inferior products generally have more pinhole spots, bumps, cracks and lack of glaze on the glaze, and the appearance is slightly deformed (the countertop basin is not flat on the countertop, the toilet will shake left and right when placed on the ground, etc.), and the trademark is blurred. Indistinct, the sound when struck is dull, no crisp sound. Customers should also consider the elderly and children in the family when choosing sanitary ware. The choice of bathtub should be equipped with handrails and anti-slip measures to avoid personal accidents during bathing, and should also consider their own affordability in terms of price. You can find some experts to help, Choose economical, beautiful and durable sanitary ware 4. When choosing a water-saving toilet, there is often a misunderstanding that the smaller the water tank, the more water-saving it is. Whether it saves water depends on the size of the water tank. It all depends on the size of the tank, mainly in the design of the toilet flush and drainage system and the tank accessories. Some toilet water tanks are very small, but the flushing performance is very poor. If it cannot be flushed once, it takes two or three times to flush it clean. Some toilet water tanks are not small, but the water tank storage line is very low, the flushing water is very good, and it is also water-saving. Therefore, whether the toilet is water-saving can not only depend on the size of the water tank, nor can it only listen to the dealer's introduction. You should ask the dealer for the toilet flushing volume indicated in the product inspection report of the national technical supervision agency. The flushing capacity of less than 6 liters currently used in my country is a water-saving toilet. Luoyang Borgwang Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. (http://www.bgwwy.com/) was established in 1998 and is a professional manufacturer of sanitary ware and kitchen utensils. The company is headquartered in Luoyang, which is known as the 'Millennium Imperial Capital' and 'Peony City'. The company has a professional product development, production, sales, and management team. Mainly engaged in sanitary ware agency, sanitary ware franchise, etc. At present, it has been well received by customers in Luoyang market, and has achieved excellent results in Luoyang sanitary ware agent and Luoyang sanitary ware franchise.

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