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How to choose a glass washbasin-how to buy,glass washbasin

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-17

The crystal clear glass basin has attracted many consumers because of its soft lines, unique light refraction effect and looming texture. However, the quality of glass basins on the market is uneven at present, which also brings hidden dangers to future use, so be sure to carefully identify when purchasing glass basins. The thicker the glass basin is, the better. When many consumers buy glass basins, the first thing they notice is the thickness. Some people think that the thicker the glass, the better the quality. Is that true? The reporter visited the market on this issue. The reporter found that the wall thicknesses of glass basins currently on the market are divided into 19mm, 15mm and 12mm. On the surface, there seems to be no big difference except for the different colors and styles, but the prices are far apart. So, which thickness is better? Jialinuo sanitary ware shopping guide Wang Shuai introduced: If economic conditions permit, it is better to choose a product with a wall thickness of 19mm, because it can withstand a relatively high temperature of 80 °C, and has better impact resistance and damage resistance. But it is not the thicker the better. Some products have poor glass quality. Although they look thick, the thicker the glass is, the slower the heat spreads when the hot water is filled. At this time, a temperature difference between the inside and outside will be formed. If the quality is poor, cracks will occur under the action of thermal expansion and contraction. So usually, choose 19mm thickness. The quality of the glass determines the quality of the washbasin The safety of the glass washbasin is closely related to the quality of the glass, so you should pay special attention when choosing a glass washbasin. Zhou Qian, a shopping guide for Longer sanitary ware, suggested that when choosing a hand basin, you should first pay attention to whether the edges of the basin and the basin frame are rounded. Secondly, the quality of the wash basin can be distinguished from whether the glass contains bubbles. If bubbles are found in the glass, it proves that the quality is inferior glass. In addition, you can take a dirty towel to rinse it inside, because the surface finish of the glass basin treated with a special process is very high, and it is not easy to get dirty, which is also a good way to test the quality of the glass. If you are thinking of buying a glass hand basin, the above methods may wish to try.

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