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How to choose an air energy water heater in summer-how to choose, air energy, water heater

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-08

In the recently launched energy-saving subsidy policy, the water heater entered the subsidy range the first time, while the air energy water heater has a higher subsidy of 600 yuan per unit, becoming the product with the higher subsidy amount this time. Therefore, air energy water heaters have entered the attention of consumers and become the purchase objects of consumers. So how to choose a good air energy water heater? The following people related to the air conditioning and refrigeration market will answer you one by one. When purchasing an air source water heater, the following points should be considered: 1. It is easy to use in winter, and the defrosting is complete. The unit can judge the actual frosting situation according to the coil temperature, operating time and the actual direct heating capacity of the unit, so that there is frost and defrosting. Frost and frost-free. 2. A good product should be turned on for 30 seconds to obtain a steady stream of 55°C hot water without waiting. Even if the water supply pipeline is too long or the heat loss of the pipeline is large, the water temperature can reach the national domestic hot water standard. 3. The system can automatically control the electronic water valve and adjust the water temperature independently according to the set water temperature and the signal of the pulse flowmeter. 4. The controller has beautiful appearance and easy operation. It is better to choose a more humane dot matrix LCD wire controller. Five, after-sales service must be professional, there is regular maintenance every year, and it can be cleaned once a year for free. 6. Carefully select the functions to see if the functions meet the needs.

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