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How to choose bathroom cabinets, the main points for purchasing moisture-proof materials-bathroom cabinets, moisture-proof materials, environmental protection materials

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-27

Consumers should consider the particularity of bathroom cabinets when purchasing bathroom cabinets. General cabinets are placed in a relatively dry environment, while bathroom cabinets are placed in very humid toilets, and toilets are generally not The windows can only discharge foul odors through the exhaust fan, but the exhaust fan is not always on. If there are harmful substances released from the bathroom at other times, it will have a bad impact on the health of the human body. Therefore, there are two points for purchasing bathroom cabinets: 1. The material of the bathroom cabinet must be moisture-proof. The bathroom cabinet is in a humid environment, and the bathroom cabinet is a relatively closed space. If the moisture-proof performance is poor, it is easy to make the items stored in it moldy. Bacteria breed. Therefore, moisture resistance is the first condition for choosing bathroom cabinets. The materials of bathroom cabinets on the market are mainly stone, glass, metal, ceramics, solid wood, board and pvc. In terms of moisture-proof performance, solid wood and planks have poor moisture resistance. Oak in solid wood has the characteristics of dense moisture resistance and is an ideal material for manufacturing bathroom cabinets, but it mainly relies on imports and is expensive. Other materials such as solid wood and boards have a good moisture-proof effect after being treated by baking paint and dipping, but the moisture-proof ability of the board may decrease if the board is in a humid environment for a long time. It should be noted that the original face of the board after processing is difficult to distinguish, and sometimes it is sold as a solid wood product. Consumers should remind businesses to provide materials that can prove their materials to avoid cheating. In addition to the base material, the metal parts of the bathroom cabinet also have to withstand the test of moisture. Only by choosing the surface galvanized metal that has undergone moisture-proof treatment or the aluminum products for bathroom cabinets, the overall moisture-proof performance will be guaranteed. 2. The base material of the bathroom cabinet must be environmentally friendly materials Since the air in the bathroom is not suitable for circulation, if the material of the bathroom cabinet releases harmful substances, it will cause greater harm to the human body, so the base material of the bathroom cabinet selected must be environmentally friendly materials. When purchasing a bathroom cabinet, consumers need to open the cabinet door and drawer and smell it to see if there is a pungent smell. The style judgment and selection of products The bathroom cabinet is a new baby in the bathroom industry and is loved by people. Its unique decoration can attract the attention of consumers more than its functionality. Therefore, consumers pay more attention to the embodiment of the bathroom cabinet when choosing. style of. The style classification of bathroom cabinets is actually divided into functions according to the soft decoration style, mainly including classical style, modern classic, sunny fashion, Mediterranean style and so on.

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