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How to choose stone waterproofing agent?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
At present, in the Chinese market sales of waterproofing agent variety is more, there are domestic, there are also imported. These different brands of waterproofing agent on the quality and price is uneven, large difference. At present, in the Chinese market sales of waterproofing agent variety is more, there are domestic, there are also imported. These different brands of waterproofing agent on the quality and price is uneven, large difference. Some foreign brand spent more money, but not necessarily can achieve good waterproof, antifouling effect. While some domestic brands waterproofing agent can't say because it's domestic goods, its waterproof, antifouling effect than the waterproofing agent of products abroad. In choosing waterproofing agent on the idea of product, the user do not heavy and light domestic abroad. Don't cry because it is the waterproofing agent of domestic production and use later than abroad, and make the mistake of thinking that we in this technology is inferior to abroad. On how to correctly choose waterproofing agent brand, the following is a small make up a little humble opinion for your reference: 1, embarks from the practical as long as the domestic brand of waterproofing agent can provide the relevant authoritative department ( It is best to national building) Identification and authentication of the waterproof effect of inspection report, and test result is not lower than or slightly lower than similar foreign products, the best choice for the domestic brands. Domestic brands have an advantage in price and easy to purchase, appear the controversy on the product quality is better also, product provider's technical support and after-sales service can also keep up with in a timely manner. 2, considering from the price at present, the domestic waterproofing agent price difference is very big, if you think the price is high waterproof effect is good and chose the high price of waterproofing agent, waterproofing agent costs per unit area would be too high, the enterprise's profit is relatively low. Therefore, choosing waterproofing agent, should give attention to two or morethings price and effect relationship between the two. White marble table custom 3, from the concept of environmental protection to the sale now waterproofing agent on the market has two kinds of environmental protection and environmental protection. In should consider when choosing waterproofing agent chooses whether waterproofing agent on the environment, operation personnel, users produce harm. Environmental protection waterproofing agent on the environment pollution-free, won't produce side effects to operating personnel, not to mention the damage people's health. Rather than the environmental protection waterproofing agent has certain stimulating odour, some even has a particularly strong excitant odour, eating when using, can cause lung injury, severe cases can cause breathing difficulties. Contact with an overdose of this kind of waterproofing agent aerosol, will cause skin irritation, skin dry and cracked, throat discomfort, cause breathing difficulties and dizziness. Blame environmental protection of the residual liquid waterproofing agent can't dump into the sewer, or going to have an impact on the environment. 4, from the surface of the stone products type selection according to the processing of stone material surface type to choose corresponding waterproofing agent. If it's smooth marble selected is suitable for the waterproofing agent processing smooth solid surface sheets for sale stone, sandstone, choose suitable for sandstone type of waterproofing agent, dumb smooth stone, choose suitable for dumb smooth type waterproofing agent. 5, choose the earl grey marble from the feasibility of operation selected brush waterproofing agent when it is advisable to take up less space, with many factories and construction sites do not have enough space space used as waterproofing agent processing. Waterproofing agent can quickly permeate, need not too much time and dry. The method is simple and quick operation. 6, as far as possible choose upgrading of new products at present, stone chemical industry has developed rapidly, a lot of new, better performance of waterproofing agent is born out of it. If the price of new product performance advantage more than words, try to consider when choosing waterproofing agent
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