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How to choose the bathroom water-saving products correctly - choose correctly, bathroom water-saving products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

The amount of water is too small to be flushed cleanly, so it has to be flushed repeatedly, which is even more wasteful Water saving is related. Unqualified toilets are not flushed cleanly, and they often have to be flushed again, but they do not save water. According to the relevant person, looking at the whole, touching the surface, and weighing the weight can basically judge the quality of the toilet. According to the 'Results of National Supervision and Spot Check on the Quality of Ceramic Toilet Products' issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China, among the 160 kinds of ceramic toilet products produced by 160 enterprises in 13 provinces and municipalities, including Chongqing and Sichuan, 12 products did not meet the standards. Provisions. Television media reports pointed out that among the 12 unqualified products, most of the unqualified items were related to water saving. According to professionals, water consumption, that is, the amount of water used for one flush, is an important indicator to measure the quality of the toilet. According to the national mandatory standard 'Sanitary CeramicsThe unqualified samples accounted for 1/6 of the total number of unqualified samples. The reporter also saw that in the results of the national random inspection, there were 2 batches of products that did not pass the cleaning function. Television media reports pointed out that the ink line flushing experiment tested the cleaning function of the toilet in real life. According to the national standard of 'Sanitary CeramicsRinse out the dirt in the toilet. Li Yecheng of the National Ceramics and Plumbing and Sanitary Supervision and Inspection Center pointed out in an interview with the TV media that the residual line of the ink line in the experiment was relatively long, indicating that it was difficult to rinse off the urine stains on the inner surface of the toilet, causing residents to repeatedly press the button to flush, resulting in wasting water. . Low-cost toilets use water saving as a gimmick The reporter visited some home improvement materials markets in Guangzhou and found that most of the products, especially low- and medium-priced products, mostly use water saving as a gimmick. In a home furnishing store in Fangcun, all the ceramic toilets sold are from Foshan. The lower price is more than 790 yuan, while the higher price is more than 2,000 yuan. A brand shopping guide introduced that a toilet with a discount of 878 yuan is a 3L/6L water-saving product, and another 1,000 yuan product is more water-saving, with a displacement of 2.8L/4L. At the counter of another brand, the reporter saw The two cheaper toilets are promoting water-saving features, with the words 4.5 liters and water-saving written on the billboards, and the prices are 898 yuan and 989 yuan respectively. On the contrary, another 1600 yuan product has only one water outlet, all of which are of the same brand, but this one has only one water level, and they are all siphonic, not energy-saving. The shopping guide said. When asked why the one that does not save energy is more expensive, the shopping guide said that it is for export. A shopping guide said bluntly that according to national standards, 3L/6L toilets already meet the water-saving requirements, and some products whose brands are not loud enough are sold by water-saving as a gimmick. The reporter asked whether it was possible to demonstrate flushing on the spot. Except for one product of one brand, the rest of the shopping guides said that they could not demonstrate on the spot. Rest assured, there is no problem. Every product has been inspected before leaving the factory. Too little water consumption is easy to block the pipeline. The Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision pointed out that the water consumption of the toilet is not as low as possible. The primary function of the toilet is to discharge and clean the water. Flush the dirt completely out of the pipes, which can cause blockages over time. If the flushing does not reach a certain dilution rate, there will still be odors left in the toilet. Therefore, water saving must be considered on the premise of satisfying its basic functions. When buying a toilet, you must recognize the water-saving sign. The national standard clearly stipulates the water consumption of sanitary ware, and it is recommended to use water-saving sanitary ware with a water consumption of 6 liters. According to the relevant person, by looking at the whole, touching the surface, and weighing the weight, you can basically judge the quality of the toilet bowl material and production process. Zhu Shuangsi, director of the National Irrigation, Irrigation and Water-saving Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, introduced in an interview with the TV media that the overall look is to see whether the shape is smooth. Touching the surface is mainly to touch whether glaze is applied inside the S-bend. If this surface is not glazed, it is not acceptable. High-temperature ceramics have a heavy feeling, so weighing the weight is also a way to judge whether it is good or bad. In addition, the relevant person also introduced that consumers can use the toilet water consumption demonstration platform set up by the business to learn about the water-saving toilet.

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