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How to create a relaxing bathroom space-bathroom space, relaxation, double bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-08

How should a relaxing bathroom space be planned? The designer shared the positioning of bathroom equipment and the storage and use of fragmented spaces with 6 square meters and 12 square meters of bathroom space; in addition to these precautions, when taking a bath at home, if you want to have the decompression atmosphere of a Japanese-style soup house, ceramic tiles are one of the important elements. The bathroom space is about 6 square meters in size after positioning and storage. It is recommended to use four-piece bathroom equipment (toilet, washstand, shower room, bathtub), and position the more commonly used washstand in advance, so that it is not easy to produce in daily use. Collision, and bathroom equipment such as bathtubs and toilets, all have a fixed size. It is necessary to pay attention to the ergonomic width. After the equipment is positioned, the occupants should be reserved for comfortable and safe use space before thinking about the arrangement of the storage function. After the bathroom storage is arranged after the equipment is positioned, the storage function of the bathroom can be reinforced by the use of fragmented spaces, such as changing the mirror to a mirror cabinet with storage function, adding a bathroom cabinet under the countertop, spare toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, facial cleanser, etc. There are special storage compartments for small items, so you won't be in a hurry when rinsing! In addition, the countertop of the washbasin can be selected from marble, and the mirror cabinet is illuminated above and below, not only the space looks enlarged, but also has the texture of the hotel bathroom! Circulation planning for the use of double bathrooms In general, dual-income families can install double washbasin equipment under the condition of sufficient bathroom space, which can be used at the same time for washing and washing in the morning, reducing time waste. The spacious bathroom space of more than 12 square meters, in addition to the design of double washbasins, can even be matched with double toilets. At this time, it is recommended to place the shower or bathtub in the middle of the planning movement, not only will they not collide with each other during use, but also the movement line more appropriate.

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