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How to distinguish between white marble marble? White marble marble authenticity identification method of the point

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
I believe you are also common in the home, so how to identify white marble marble, then to analysis the marble identification method of authenticity what are the key point, hope I can help to you, for your reference how to distinguish between white marble marble how to recognize white marble (marble A) Each natural marble has unique natural design and color, the stone material of high grade marble can choose whole stone material, different parts of the ratio of materials. Main place can have the natural grain of large area, and leftover material can be used in areas such as the back of the chair, chapiter to do an ornament. And inferior furniture chooses leftover material when the material, the surface lacks change. How to distinguish between white marble (marble 2) The marble that is used in furniture generally have stone of green jade, violet jade, crystal pearl, kylin, crane to jade, amethyst, bai shuijing, kinds of wh some of which needs coloring, and green jade, violet jade and red dragon is natural. Some bad products will be cheap white marble of green sham gray jade, and the color most of these products are not natural emerald. How to distinguish between white marble (marble 3) The scagliola is to use the clastic rock of natural marble or solid surface as the filling material, in cement, gypsum and not saturated polyester resin as adhesive, classics agitate is made after forming, grinding and polishing. Artificial marble transparency is bad, and without burnish. Natural marble radiation is extremely low. How to distinguish between white marble (marble 4) furniture in addition to have extremely high request for the consistence and environmental protection of the plate, also have strict control to stone of radioactive. For a long time, people think marble furniture will have radiation, inevitably there are some concerns when buying. In fact, natural marble radioactive is low, basic won't cause harm to human body, and a high radioactive is artificial marble furniture. White marble marble authenticity identification method of main white marble marble authenticity identification method of points ( A) The macroscopic observation of marble surface structure. Generally speaking, the stone material of uniform fine structure has exquisite texture, is the best of stone; Thick bead and differ the stone material of a structure its exterior effect is poorer, mechanical performance is uneven, the quality is a bit poor. Besides, due to the influence of geological processes in the natural stone material, in which often produce some fine pulse, microcracks, stone material the most easily along these place fracture, should be paid attention to. As for the lack of edge horn is less affect beautiful, especially when the choice should be paid attention to. White marble marble authenticity identification points ( 2) Is the size of marble. So as not to affect, or cause splicing pattern, decorative pattern, line after deformation, affect adornment effect. To hear the pounding of marble. In general, good quality and internal density uniform without endokinetic fractures of marble, the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear; On the contrary, if the internal microscopic cracks or thin veins or become loose contact between particles, as a result of weathering, tapping rough. White marble solid surface sheets authenticity identification points ( 3) With a simple test method to test quality marble. Usually at the back of the stone on drop a few drops of ink, such as ink one soon, it indicates that the internal loose or granular acrylic countertops microscopic cracks, stone material quality is bad. Conversely, if ink drips to be not moved in place, explain stone density, quality of a material is good. White marble marble authenticity identification points ( 4) Under the condition of the light is enough, will have to choose a good plank and the same to the choose and buy other marble plank flat on the floor at the same time, standing in the distance they are 1. 5 m in visual carefully. Require the same marble plank tonal pattern of fundamental harmonic. White marble solid surface sheets authenticity identification points ( 5) Under the condition of the light is enough, the plate is flat on the ground, standing on the distance of observation is not seen where the marble plank lm defects that no defects; Standing in visible and in 1 sheet of lm. 5 m no obvious flaws as no obvious flaw; Standing in sheet 1. 5 m place clearly see defects that have defects. Identification method based on the analysis of the above the marble, often can see a lot of similar marble on the market, but there are natural marble and geometry can be seen, so as long as you go to see a more than a few good points, combined with their own experience knowledge, it must be very good to identify the marble.
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