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how to fix scratches in bathroom vanity tops

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-07
Scratches on the KKR countertop are not beautiful, providing an opportunity for dirt and moisture collection, increasing the possibility of microbial diffusion.
However, it is not difficult to remove scratches.
If you have a solid, clean your dresser thoroughly with a gentle detergent
Surface vanity.
Use an old toothbrush to enter the narrow area.
Remove any existing wax with grade 0000 steel wool or wax removal products. Use 400-
If your dresser has a smooth surface, 600 of sand sandpaper can polish out any scratches.
If your vanity surface is medium, use 600-
1200 sandpaper.
If your dresser has a high polishing effect, then use 1200-1500 grit.
Keep the KKR countertop moist when grinding.
If you have a marble vanity with a culture, clean your vanity with a gentle detergent and remove any spots.
If you have pieces or scratches on your dresser that are larger than surface scratches, invest in a cultured marble repair kit to fill in larger holes.
Application of automotive friction compounds such as palm leaves of Brazil-
Wax or gel-
The gloss of the surface.
Then buffer your dresser with the car until it shines back.
Be careful not to grind or grind off the surface of your cultivated marble;
It is not a solid surface like the Korian or granite.
If your dresser has been worn out, you may need to apply a new finish with a product like Envirotex.
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