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How to identify natural marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-25
Natural marble, high-end atmosphere on schedule and also beautiful, is the first choice for many people to decorate material, but many people don't understand stone, stone varieties on the market so much, a lot of selling stone will and you say their stone is a natural, really? White marble stone is a natural formation of the curtain wall materials, the same as color the same stone color difference exist. This paper introduces the control means of stone color difference, from design, mining and processing technology to the stone material curtain wall installation and protection made relatively detailed introduction, makes every effort to reduce the stone curtain wall color to the minimum extent, people demand for high-end curtain wall decoration materials. A stone, stone curtain wall curtain wall is usually composed of slab support structure, load does not assume the main structure and function of building palisade structure. Dry hanging stone curtain wall is generally adopt the installation, dry hanging because relative to the wet stick cost a little higher, but there are some benefits. Dry hanging high safety reliability, it is not easy to fall, so the metope of higher with dry hanging. The most nerve-racking, but the stone curtain wall is its color. Serious, even like a full patch, lower level of the architecture. Industry aiming at this characteristic, also put forward many improvements. Natural marble table for two, conventional color difference control on the purchase, usually by purchasing the same mines, the same batch of stone material to evade. In technology with prestressing assembled, typesetting way to safeguard the main facade stone color uniformity. But the above scheme not only increase the workload, at the same time take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, only in the source and control, to make the curtain wall reaches zero the effect of the color difference! Three, stone color difference control inside the stone factory there are three ways to eliminate the stone material of off color, grace, polishing and natural. A: grace is the original color of stone material, make it become more beautiful, more strong. Method 2: polishing is on the basis of not changing the original stone color, let the stone material become more exquisite, more moist, color bright and beautiful. Three ways: changing color is the color the material is bad, not popular stone plus one changes, and make it like the color of the popular in the market, some manufacturers have this aspect of technology, just a lot of party a in pursuit of the natural stone texture, tend to reject this way. The color of stone material mainly determined by itself contains mineral color. Minerals in general stone material basically has 3 kinds of color: his color, the color and false color. His color is contained in the ore material colored impurities mixed with the color of the form later. Since the color is the color of material ore material itself, which is composed of minerals is the color of the ions. False color is ore surface material is broken down by oxidation or inside cause interference of light waves and display color. Four, stone toning treatment of stone color is according to the forming mechanism of stone color, use 3 kinds of color processing mode to change the stone. At present there are mainly three methods, namely, physical coloring, chemical staining method and physical and chemical staining method. Physical staining method: mainly through the participation of different minerals and change its color. Introducing pigment chemical coloring method: to stone, with the inner material for chemical reaction so as to achieve purpose. Physical and chemical method: teacher through physical and chemical substance involved in pigment into joint reaction, eventually achieve the goal of stone color. stone material composition is given priority to with calcium carbonate, also contains magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, etc. When the air is humid and containing sulfur dioxide gas, some of the solid surface sheets for sale stone surface chemical reaction happens, rendering strong weathering phenomenon. stone is mainly composed of carbonate minerals, especially calcium carbonate content in the most easy to corrosion by acid, can be long-term preservation of beautiful color and pattern. stone generally low hardness and poor wear resistance, the average grain size is small, uneven color, change is bigger, there will be a texture, splash, impurities, etc. , suitable for building indoor metope adornment, when used for laying the ground should be taken to prevent wear protective measures. So is the biggest difference between natural marble and scagliola, Natural solid surface sheets for sale is more or less have some cracks stripes, grain is not natural.
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