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How to identify natural marble natural marble have radiation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
Can be used for processing into various shaped materials, marble plates, decorate in household in building metope, ground, table, column, etc. But many have radiation in our life, a lot of friends there to ask natural solid surface sheets radiation? How to identify natural marble? Introduction of natural marble natural marble is the earth's crust rocks in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust of metamorphic rock, belong to the hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. Its main composition is given priority to with calcium carbonate, about 50% above, there are other magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silicon dioxide. Because of natural marble is generally contains impurities and the calcium carbonate by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, carbide, the effect of moisture, also easy to weathering and dissolution, and make the surface soon lose its luster. Natural solid surface sheets texture soft, dignified and acrylic countertops material basic of compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties. The material is hard, in the general conditions of service life can reach for decades or even one hundred years. Through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust after the formation of kaleidoscope pattern, crystal particles thickness of natural marble, through the processing and polishing effect, can present a detailed smooth sheen, the beauty of the unique decorative pattern changes, to the quality requirement of the modern people increasingly pay attention to life space, can decorate the appearance more mining and surface morphology of the aesthetic changes. Is there any radiation natural marble in nature, natural radioactive is objective existence, also, there are radioactive in natural acrylic countertops products, the key is to see if it exceed the standards prescribed by the state. is limestone by sediments by outside factors such as temperature, high pressure metamorphism. Because of its radioactivity of calcite and dolomite are generally very low, so by radioactive low metamorphism limestone and marble, radioactive also is very low. Conclusion: natural marble radioactive generally very low, can choose to use at ease. Shop is on the stone inside the bedroom, choose A class, and every variety should have the corresponding inspection report. How to identify true and false of natural marble natural marble distinguish method ( 1) Texture: each piece of natural marble has natural design and color. ( 2) Listen to the voice: generally speaking, good the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear. ( 3) Check pervious to light, high light transmittance of natural marble, with a cigarette lighter or flashlight irradiation on the back of the marble, high light transmittance. ( 4) Drops of reagents: on drop a few rare hydrochloric acid, natural marble is acuteness blister, is artificial marble or even no bubbles. Natural solid surface sheets furniture to identify high grade marble can choose whole piece of stone materials, in different parts of the ratio of materials, the main place can have the natural grain of large area, leftover material will be used in areas such as the back of the chair, chapiter to do an ornament. And inferior furniture chooses leftover material when the material, the surface lacks change. The marble that is used in furniture generally have imported red dragon jade, red ice jade, jade, amber, rosin yellow stone of green jade, violet jade, crystal pearl, kylin, crane to jade, amethyst, bai shuijing, kinds of wh some of which needs coloring, and green jade, violet jade and red dragon is natural. Some bad products will be cheap white marble of green sham gray jade, and the color most of these products are not natural emerald.
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