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How to identify quality marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-25
Natural stone decoration has always been the choice of high-grade residential area, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose natural stone decoration, its raw material is made of natural stone processing, stone material quality depends on the quality of the waste material, on the one hand, on the other hand related to machining process, how to identify the stand or fall of solid surface sheets for sale; 1 surface decorative pattern color is not beautiful and high quality stone material surface pattern of natural smooth, beautiful and easy, adornment effect has a strong administrative levels. And times of confusion is not natural stone processing after surface decorative pattern, grain is not only beautiful, the texture is not smooth. General situation of stone material quality are pattern color as the main evaluation criteria. 2 stone performance contrast performance comparison including compressive DuDu stone, stone, wear-resisting durable, the bending degree of hardness, glossiness, stone material surface crystal for performance. 3 processing after the stone size is misaligned decorate stone material is natural stone material processed into plank used, processed into specifications plate or marble project board, marble are used for dry hanging wall marble, marble floor spelling a flower, the size of the demand is higher, if size have deviation surface will not be flat, seam not neat, especially for the three-dimensional decoration, the line is uneven, affect the overall decorative effect, so the size deviation will directly affects the stone material of adornment effect. Plate appearance after 4 processing poor quality stone material in the machining process will leave some defects on the surface appearance, if the appearance defect is beyond the scope of the standard provisions of the state, the stone is the nonconforming product. With the appearance of the poor quality of bad times stone veneer decoration, its overall effect is very poor, so, when determine the stone quality, besides considering design color, also must check the appearance quality. Buy stone is there are many ways you can't see a lot of return will judge by tapping stone material hardness, stone price factor is mainly stone color, hardness, texture.
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