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How to identify the five characteristics of fake and inferior bathroom building materials-Fake and inferior bathroom building materials, five characteristics

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-17

The issues that need to be considered in the decoration are very extensive. If you want to take into account the needs of the whole family, the preparation in the early stage is essential. Based on my country's current national conditions, there are many counterfeit goods and parallel imports in the current bathroom decoration building materials market, and it is difficult for many consumers to distinguish the authenticity from the fake. In fact, counterfeit and shoddy bathroom decorative building materials have nothing more than the following five characteristics. Consumers can avoid being deceived by carefully identifying them when purchasing. One: Misappropriation of trademarks to confuse the real with the fake For example, some brand sanitary wares in Xiangtan are brand products that have been formed for decades. Two: Confuse the grades to shoddy This phenomenon is common in the circulation process of various materials such as wall and floor tiles, stone materials, paints, and wood planks. Because ordinary consumers don't know how to do it, they spend money on high-quality products, but they buy back second-class products, third-class products, and even foreign products. Three: Zhang Guan and Li Dai evade detection Some companies imitate brands or best-selling products, falsely use test reports and product manuals, use their own trademarks, and vigorously promote products that have not been tested at all. Fourth: Ignore the standards and make shoddy products Some producers and operators take advantage of consumers' lack of professional knowledge of building materials, intentionally violate the relevant national standards, and damage the interests of consumers. For example, according to the standard, aluminum alloy profiles with a thickness of less than 1.2 mm shall not be used to seal balconies. At present, more than 90% of the aluminum profiles used to seal balconies are less than 1 mm in thickness, causing the hidden danger of falling balcony windows and posing a danger. There were some companies that used banned xylene, coal tar xylene and other highly toxic solvents to produce colorful paints, which were smeared on the walls of thousands of households, causing people to be harmed unknowingly. Five: Stealing and changing pillars to make huge profits Most of these phenomena appear on foreign or quasi-foreign goods. For example, some surfing bathtubs, under the signboard of import or joint venture, claim that all components are imported, but in fact, the electric system, the key component of its products, is made locally.

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