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How to install a large space in a small square bathroom-bathroom, square

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

No matter whether the shape of the bathroom is square or rectangular, the ideal layout of the space is that the washbasin is facing the bathroom door, and the toilet is close to its side, and the shower room is set at the inner end, so that it can be used in terms of function or beauty. All of the above are more scientific. Key points of space layout For a small square or rectangular bathroom, it is more critical to arrange three parts reasonably: washbasin, toilet, and shower. The basic layout method of the three pieces is to set from low to high, that is, start from the bathroom door and gradually deepen. Generally speaking, the height of the bathroom can be controlled between 2.5-3 meters, the floor of the bathroom is about 0.03 meters lower than the floor of the room, the height of the toilet cannot exceed 0.4 meters, the width of the reserved toilet is not less than 0.75 meters, and the washbasin is not less than 0.75 meters. And the height of the dressing table is generally 0.8 meters. The usual order in the layout of the three bathroom pieces is that the three are parallel. The washbasin can be selected as a table basin or a bottom basin. The washbasin of 1.2 meters X 0.6 meters is enough for a space of 4 square meters. Of course, the bigger the mirror, the better, because it can fully expand the visual effect of the small bathroom, but from the point of view of its ease of cleaning and aesthetics, it is generally designed to be the same width as the sink. In addition, the corner washbasin or column washbasin can also be installed directly in the corner of the bathroom, so that there is more room for manoeuvre in the bathroom. For small bathrooms, showers are more economical and more convenient than bathtubs. The standard size of the shower room is 0.9 x 0.9 meters. The corner of the bathroom can be separated by glass or a shower curtain to form a shower room, or you can make or buy a ready-made small shower room in the market. One of the things to note is the installation of the glass and the lesser dimensions required for the shower. The ideal clear space for the shower room is 1 meter x 1 meter. Unless the space is very small, do not make it smaller than 0.8 x 0.8 meters. Otherwise, even turning around and wiping your back will hinder your feet. Install wall-mounted sanitary ware that can reserve more space Wall-mounted sanitary ware, whether it is a washbasin or a toilet, can reserve some usable space, and it is also convenient for daily cleaning. Especially the wall mounted washbasin. In this way, there is a lot of space used up and down, and a suitable bathroom cabinet can be placed. Small-area bathrooms can also use bathtubs People who like to use bathtubs do not have to give up the pursuit of comfort in order to avoid crowded spaces. As long as they choose properly, they can make good use of the space to a certain extent. In a bathroom of 4 square meters, you can choose a semi-curved bathtub. The space in the corners is just used, and the layout is quite reasonable. In addition, there are currently bathroom equipment on the market that combines a shower room with a bathtub, which can take a shower without delaying the enjoyment of bathing, which is a good way to save space. Choosing a shower room with a small footprint The choice of a shower room is also closely related to the utilization of space. Relatively speaking, the arc-shaped shower room saves space because of its shape, especially the double-opening sliding shower room. In addition, the square shower room is installed in the corner, which is also a good choice for saving space. Overhead showers that avoid pipes The benefits of overhead showers are obvious. Using it, you can avoid messy pipes and make the bathroom feel tidy. What's more, aside from this location where the shower head is installed, the rest of the wall space can be creative. Take advantage of it.

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