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how to install a vanity top with unsquare walls

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-29
One of the most difficult steps to install a new dresser is to press the dresser to the wall.
Due to the settlement of the frame, the walls of the old house became Square.
Fortunately, since most of the dressers are Fumika or resin, it is possible to trim them.
Installing the top of the dresser with a non-square wall requires a sander to trim the edges without damaging the top of the dresser.
Place masking tape on the top edge of the dresser.
Tape protects the surface of the dresser and gives you a surface to mark your cc line.
Place the vanity on top of the cabinet frame.
Measured from the front of the cabinet frame to the front edge of the vanity at both ends.
Make sure the distance is equal at both ends.
Put a pencil in the collar of the compass.
The Compass has a pencil sleeve and a pointed end.
Place the point of the compass on the wall, with the widest gap between the dresser and the Wall.
Adjust the pencil arm so that the pencil tip touches the back edge of the dresser.
Rotate the lock hub at the top of the compass clockwise to lock the Compass arm.
Point the compass to one end of the dresser Wall and the pencil tip to the top of the dresser.
Slide the compass from the wall to the other end of the dresser and let the pencil trace a line on the concealer tape.
Pick up the dresser and put it on a pair of saws.
When you trim the dresser, ask your assistant to keep the top of the dresser stable. Install a 100-
The sanding belt on the sanding machine.
Polish the edge of the top of the dresser to the CC line on the tape.
Put the dresser back on the frame of the cabinet and test if it is appropriate.
Once you put the dresser square against the wall, remove the dresser from the cabinet.
Apply the building adhesive to the top of the cabinet frame plate with a caulking gun.
Set the top of the dresser on the cabinet frame.
Press hard down to ensure the adhesion between the frame and the bottom of the dresser.
Remove the masking tape from the dresser.
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