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how to install heavy stone bathtubs

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-20
A natural or man-made stone basin adds a relaxing, natural hot spring feel to your bathroom.
Stone such as marble, granite, onyx stone, lava or resin
The stone made in hybrid is more durable and easier to keep clean than the fiberglass or enamel bath. Like claw-
Footbasins, heavy stone bathtubs are usually free to stand on the floor and the water is attached to or above them.
Due to their size and weight, you need a friend to help lift or you can install the tub yourself.
What you need horizontal measurement tape cardboard appliance Dolly, waste assembly faucet with gasket water inlet assembly, knob silicone on faucet2)
BluStone: Independent Stone wash basin installation instructions professional machinery: how to use the caulking gun: PM tool prompt resource (4)
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