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How to maintain material can remain unique charm

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-20
How to maintain material can remain the unique charm of natural stone material processing via the surface can be a good decoration materials, protection and decorative effect of the building, either in materials processing and production, decoration effect and shows its advantages in such aspects as product prices, the beauty of natural decorative pattern and color, the other decoration products more unique charm. But if there is no reasonable stone cleaning and maintenance that it's natural charm will gradually disappear. A, do not mess with a neutral detergent stone afraid in strong acid and alkali liquid, when clean stone not to be a quick cleaning effect ignores the detergent composition. General detergents containing acid and alkaline. If long time use of unknown components cleaner, will make the stone surface gloss. In addition, the stone on the neutral reagents residue is also produce stone disease in the future. Second, as there are many different kinds of wax, wax market there are water-based wax, stearic acid, oil wax wax, wax acrylic and so on. These mostly wax containing the acid and alkali substance. Not only will the wool stoma block stone breathing, still can with WuChen wax scale formation, stone material surface yellowing phenomenon. In the pedestrian and goods circulation high frequency must be waxing, must ask professional maintenance company guidance with wax and maintenance methods. Three, keep ventilated dry stone afraid environment humidity is too big. Moisture can produce hydration of stone material, hydrolysis and carbonic acid, produce water spots, bleaching, weathering, denudation and yellow rust all sorts of pathological changes, such as stone, so the installation of stone keep ventilated dry. Four, must pay attention to the choice of protective agent varieties protection after construction was carried out on the stone must be able to keep the stone permeability and waterproof, antifouling properties. Do not use unknown protective agent, in order to avoid not only short of protection, which increases the difficulty of the stone material maintenance. Fifth, thoroughly clean clean both hard solid surface ( Hardness HRs88 - 1114 - 7) Or quality of a material soft marble ( Hardness HRs46 - 773 - 5) No long-term trample resistance to wind sand and soil particles. So should often use filter or electrostatic mop thoroughly be dusting and cleaning work. Commercial space is best can entrance placed dust pad, avoid shoes with sand stone, scraped the best entry in wear slippers, after reducing sand dust wear stone material surface. Six, to regular maintenance, maintenance, luster dust removal, cleaning is unable to let alone beautiful stone continues to burnish not faded, so be sure to regularly ask professional stone material maintenance personnel to do maintenance and luster regeneration maintenance work. Such as: the use of liquid crystal to make the solid surface sheets for sale surface recrystallization, or the use of polishing powder for marble or granite surface regeneration lustre, or use the permeability of protective agent, etc. , can let you stone for a long time, like new. Seven protective treatment, regularly to protect stone material life long, cut off the infiltration of water and pollution sources, must be on a regular basis ( Depending on the wall mounted bar countertop material type and protective agent quality. It is best to do 1 ~ 2 times with 1 ~ 3 years) Protective treatment. Eight, not long-term covered carpet, sundry breathe easier to keep the stone material, should avoid long-term in stone material surface covered carpet and sundry, stone under the moisture can't through the stone wool stoma comes out. will be because of the humidity is overweight, higher water content and annoying stone disease problems. If you must laying carpet, piled up sundry, please don't forget to often move. Nine, immediately remove pollution all stone material is natural wool stoma, pollution sources ( Oil, tea, coffee, coke, soy sauce, ink, etc. ) It is easy to follow the wool stoma penetration into the stone, forming a nasty stain. So be sure to select the stone material of fine quality special stone protective agent to prevent pollution source pollution. Want to know all protective agent can't complete denial pollution for a long time, so once there is pollution sources to touch on the stone must be cleared immediately, in order to prevent the infiltration of stone wool stoma.
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