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How to repair the marble natural holes and cracks in the late?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
We often see in some hotels and other large public places its use stone material laying the ground of the local or the damage of large area, such as crack, broken, pulverization, holes, with marble laying the ground of these phenomena, especially in the most common. Due to the damaged parts are highly susceptible to pollution and difficult to remove, people will see is full of dirt holes in the ground, with elegant surroundings and atmosphere formed a great contrast, greatly reduce the use value and the effect of stone material. But people cannot easily and easy to replace the damaged stone. On the one hand, can cause material and human aspects of the larger loss, on the other hand the owner also very unbearable closed replacement stone and bring losses. So to explore and make use of some effective methods and materials to repair damage to the stone material ground it is very important. The failure reasons of the solid surface sheets board face 1, the settlement of ground base part, and tear caused the ground stone crack damage. 2, the ground of destruction of foreign stone broken. 3, marble natural defects. Some marble, there is a more natural defects such as cracks, voids, osteoporosis, raw. These defects if no good repair and make up beforehand, so once laying on the ground is wet and some harmful pollution and it will take the lead in the defective parts damage and destruction and spread. Like Egypt, cream-colored, its bright bright yellow spathe structure such as marble. 4, moist environment. mainly of calcium carbonate, it can expand under the water, so some parts of the marble is first degloving or extrusion, eventually appear peeling or blowout phenomenon. 5, error protection method. For part of the owners and builders, though they are in advance of the solid surface sheets coating protective agent, but lay on the ground or there is a problem. On the one hand, it is the result of stone material cracks and loose parts are not good repair, stone material due to damp is bigger pressure quickly on the back of its destruction. , on the other hand, although in the front of the marble do protection, but the water on the ground will also follow the acrylic countertops cracks and loose parts into the acrylic countertops, the acrylic countertops material humidity increase, thus forming a vicious cycle. 6, damage of the solid surface sheets ground of luster. of low hardness, poor strength. Therefore, the marble floor especially pedestrians more positions will soon be lost luster. Such as corridor, the hall, the counter, etc. 7, marble structure deformation. Dali is installed on the walls, cylindrical, aperture less to stay up and down, in the structure of the compression deformation when facing marble by vertical pressure, also can produce cracks.
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