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How to safely marble plate of choose and buy?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
plank can from color, pattern, the capillary water absorption, hardness and so on into consideration, macroscopic observation of stone material surface texture, particle more meticulous represents quality more good, if there is a crack, structural plane is risky, it is easy to broken in the future, when performance bedding texture of stone material is not very beautiful. Can choose marble slabs, with handle gently tap on a marble board face, hear, feel, touch, and if the quality is hard stones have a clear solid feeling, so as not to pick up in slight crack in the stone. White series of natural marble set as background, interior space is available in the space of heaven and earth, walls, etc. , to discharge indoor and the change of other shapes, such as color or material, at the same time also has the space amplification effect. Most natural marble stone, white wool stoma, bibulous rate is higher, larger and deeper soft stone, relatively natural solid surface sheets for sale brunet department need more care, maintenance advice can use natural marble white fastens on the wall, use limit, not often contact. Belongs to the light color is the color of rice is natural marble wider than white, the application scope of the use of natural basic background, don't worry about the future of surface easy to turn yellow, color and the color of the light quality is also very suitable for use in the space of a basic background color, often contact with the ground in the configuration is not only beautiful outside the amplification effect of space, in the future maintenance and easy to clean. Brunet department fastens natural marble stone wool stoma of small, so the bibulous rate is relatively low, and was buried, high hardness, not easy to damage, the characteristics of resistance can be used for outdoor shoes easy contact porch ground or bar, convenient maintenance in the future. In choose the shape of decorative pattern, marble spelling a flower design which are combined and a wide range of configuration of interior space, incisively and vividly shows the amplifier, applicable to such as TV wall, column, pattern is not obvious, can keep the floor clean and amplification, and Mosaic is more convenient. With natural marble floor photograph collocation of toilet, can choose the natural marble surface fog, burn surface, such as non-slip handle, achieve beautiful and practical effect. Has its own mines, engaged in stone industry for 12 years, marble mining, processing, deep processing as a whole, the company has passed the national quality management system and environmental management system certification, and established a perfect quality management system and innovation of science and technology agency.
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