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How to the difference between natural marble and scagliola?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
Natural solid surface sheets for sale is mainly composed of calcite, YunBaiShi, limestone, high-temperature extrusion is a kind of metamorphic rock, main component is calcium carbonate is given priority to, the more 50% on the Bai Tianran solid surface sheets for sale composition of calcium carbonate was 95%, in the mixed with other metals, usually contain a few impurities, marble natural solid surface sheets for sale in general than soft. Artificial marble is based on unsaturated polyester resin as binder, made of white on the calcium carbonate powder ( Made of white marble powder) In add pigment, other ingredients compression fixed. Artificial stone hardness is higher, damp proof, acid proof, high temperature resistant on prominent, usually used for exterior decoration. The difference between the artificial stone and natural stone material is; 1 artificial stone texture without administrative levels sense, feel only in stone material surface decorative pattern. 2 artificial stone color, flower spinning are the same, no change, natural stone texture of natural not regularly. 3 the trace of artificial stone plate on the back of the die insert. 4 artificial stone surface clean without texture, natural stone material because of uneven impurities, many different hardness Bai Jinjia a little texture. 5 artificial stone color is gorgeous, but not natural 6 artificial stone tapping with different 7 natural stone artificial stone general glossiness are less than 8 natural stone artificial stone color penetration on the surface, only can see in stone edge that 9 people in stone surface particles, natural stone material can be seen a lot of big or small particles of artificial marble normally used for outdoor and kitchen decorative stone in the majority, and natural marble used for interior decoration, high hardness can be used for outdoor decoration, for some rumor that natural marble has radiation, is simply nonsense, natural marble radiation is only one percent of cell phone radiation, artificial stone because it is a synthesis of polyester resin, formaldehyde, a little bit so is generally not recommended for the living room.
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